Chaffetz – COMEY Leaked Govt Docs – Should Be IN PRISON Like Reality Winner

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Jason Chaffetz says if Comey typed out his memos on a government computer, they’re government records.

If Comey leaked those memos, which he admitted in Senate testimony, he leaked government records.

If he leaked government records, just as with Reality Winner, Comey should be sitting in a prison cell.

In an appearance on the Fox program Outnumbered, the former Congressman, who just retired from the House at the end of June, stated there are several issues at play, one of them being executive privilege. He says, “You would think that the conversations between a President and the FBI Director are probably, most likely classified.”

Chaffetz characterizes it as being different from going to your home diary and jotting down some notes about what you did that day. These are government records. Chaffetz says that when he had a chance to talk to Comey personally, “he was very elusive on this point. I asked him specifically about the disposition, where the location was and he would not talk about it.”

He said, “It really raised an eyebrow, because I found on the phone, when I talked to him and I didn’t have a lot of conversations with him, but a few, he was very open, he was laughing he was jovial. But on this point he was silent.”

Chaffetz expands on that classified nature of those discussions, saying, “Talking directly to the President, in that type of setting , being the FBI Director, you don’t just get to go off, take all of those notes and then give them to a friend who them gives it to the media with the intention of making that available so that the special prosecutor will be placed.”

Chaffetz – Comey created legal problems for himself – “you just simply cannot do this”

Agreeing that it’s called “leaking,” Chaffetz opines that Comey may have created some real legal problems for himself. “You just simply cannot do this.”

The panelists agree that they were government memos, documenting conversations with the President, with Harris Faulkner citing The Hill as reporting that four of them had markings specifically indicating “they were classified or secret or confidential.” Chaffetz points out that even had they not had the classified markings, Comey, in his position as Director, knew they were classified.

Faulkner asks what should happen to Comey as a result of this conduct. Chaffetz replies that “As a general premise, you cannot take classified information and release it. If you do you should have handcuffs on you and you should go to jail.”

He brings up the Reality Winner situation, saying, “We just had a young woman who took classified information, printed it out and gave it to a reporter. And what did they do? They put her in jail. Now should that standard be different if you’re really high up in the government or you’re a twenty something year-old female?”

Are you listening, AG Sessions?

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5 Comments on Chaffetz – COMEY Leaked Govt Docs – Should Be IN PRISON Like Reality Winner

  1. We are absolutely going to see how corrupt our government truly is. If Sessions does not act against Comey, then he is just as bad as the “swamp people”! What the heck has happened to the Republican party? Half of the Repubs are as “namby pamby” as the entire Democrats party. I have never seen such division in this country! Wait, yes I have! Eight years of Hussein and now half of the Repubs are Dems in sheep’s clothing…

  2. Comey has “friends” in government. I am hoping that the President is just making sure they all come out on Comey’s side before they pounce in and take them all down.

  3. Deplorable Doctor // July 11, 2017 at 8:00 pm // Reply

    A.G. Sessions is a man with Real Balls and will Indict Comey and the Professor!

  4. I have been reading about this all day. What I haven’t been reading is that someone that has authority to bring charges against Comey and Hillary is not doing ANYTHING. I am really tired of reading the thoughts and b.s. from everyone but no one does one thing to put these people where they belong. Why do the Republican always want to play nice and is beyond their pay scale to know anything but what is really humorous is that we the people know what should be done but they have no ………. backbone!

    • TONYA PARNELL // July 11, 2017 at 3:48 pm // Reply

      I agree; however, I think /hope President Trump is waiting to get major legislation passed before opening up the gates of hell on all these criminals.

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