CNN CFR Establishment Hack Equates Climate Scam With Marshall Plan – Except…

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One of the most establishment of all establishment commentators, operatives and propaganda shills, career DC political operative, CFR member and CNN talking bobble head, David Gergen, attacked President Trump in typical CNN fashion. Gergen strung together a series of distortions, lies and exaggerations, the kind of thing that the Fake News purveyors at CNN are notorious for.

It’s also the kind of untrue drivel that intellectually lazy audience will simply assume is fact rather than investigate and verify. After all, it’s on CNN so for all they know, it could be true.

Program host Erin Burnett has a question for fellow propagandist Gergen about President Trump withdrawing America from the Obama Global Welfare Climate Hoax. She delivers the perfect softball slow pitch, asking, “Is this an unprecedented decision?”

Gergen begins his lies immediately, saying “Yes, I’m sorry to say this.” It’s not unprecedented for nations, even ours to withdraw from agreements, and this one was unilaterally imposed by the former pretend ‘president’ without Senate ratification. He’s also not sorry to say it, he’s a never-Trumper GOP establishment hack pretending, John McCain style, that he’s not elated when he has an opportunity to attack President Trump.

Attempting to sound professorial, Gergen says, “Some seventy years ago the United States entered an international agreement called the Marshall Plan where we came to the aid of Europe and it was one of the noblest acts in human history. Today we’ve walked away from the rest of the world and it’s one of the most shameful acts in our history.

What the never-Trump POS propagandist deliberately talks around and fails to mention is that the Marshall plan was not just an “international agreement,” as he attempts to establish parity with the Climate Welfare Pact, it was an act of Congress, the Economic Recovery Act of 1948, passed by both chambers of Congress and signed into law on April 3, 1948, by President Harry Truman.

Marshall Plan was an expenditure Congress voted on – Climate Scam Obama purposely kept from the Senate

The Climate Wealth Redistribution scam is a UN program, never presented as a treaty because it was known by Obama it would not be ratified, was never ratified and was instead signed in Communist China by the communist Obama in a one man dictatorial declaration and usurpation of the Constitution. it cost us $13 billion at the time, the equivalent of over $130 billion in today’s dollars. That was an expenditure on the thankless Europeans that the representatives of the American people, our Congress, voted to make. This Climate scam was not.

Also, as Gergen must know or he’s a complete idiot, there is little, other than a title and the false premise used as a cover for exploitation, in the Climate Welfare Scheme that has anything to do with the environment. It’s wealth redistribution, the taking of America’s stuff by other nations. Who cares if they’re not happy that we’ve escaped. It’s not the role of a president to appease beggar nations, even a pretend ‘president’ with fake ID.

Almost stamping his foot, the deceptive little drama queen says, “I think it will be widely seen around the world as a terrible, terrible setback for the planet.”

The phony hack then makes the case that we owe it to the world for the “excess carbon dioxide” we’re burdening them with. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant, again something this POS genius commentator should know, so he’s either an idiot or being deceptive. We’ll bet money it’s the latter. He states that CO2 “is now warming the planet” but there is no proof that that is the case. The planet, unless you take the massaged reading that Obama ordered changed at NOAA just before the vote on Paris in 2015 as factual, hasn’t warmed in 18 years and counting.

Despicable Lying Swamp Creature Gergen Claims Life-Giving Carbon Dioxide Threatens Our Grandchildren

He treats Carbon Dioxide as if it’s a toxic poison instead of a key component to life on this planet, sustaining plant life that supports our ecosystem and creates oxygen. Gergen attempts to again assign shame to President Trump, saying, “And for us to walk away as this carbon dioxide threatens the future of our grandchildren, for us to walk away from that is grotesquely irresponsible.” His deceptive misrepresentation of his lies as facts while simultaneously attacking the President and manipulating the assault on the American people is what’s grotesque.

He adds, “It’s also true that the nations of the world that are going to pay the greatest price for global warming are the poor nations of the world and yet they’ve contributed the least to global warming. We have contributed the most. For us to walk away from that is immoral.”

If anything increased CO2 will expedite and enhance plant growth and result in more food to feed those in the poor nations. They’re just faceless pawns that the CFR and establishment propagandists are using to justify taking money from the American people and sending it off shore, never to be seen again by either those poor nations or the Americans it rightfully belongs to.

It’s a scam, just like the Clintons and Bushes in Haiti was. He and his fellow globalist bandits, aided by these corrupt CNN and other propagandists, are forcing it down our throats, just like they do with everything else. We are barely clinging to our representative government by a thread. Donald Trump is that thread.

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  1. It has been repeatedly illustrated that most of the money sent to foreign nations never makes it to the citizens of the nation. Almost always it goes into the personal coffers of their corrupt politicians. This doesn’t only apply to money sent by our government. It includes most so-called charitable donations, too. Jerkin’ Gergen knows this and may be one of the lucky recipients. Any person affiliated with the CFR is probably benefiting along with the politicos. That’s why we’re hearing so much noise from offshore. B’tards.

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