• sessions grassley

    Grassley Exposes Possible DOJ Action Against Clinton In Questioning Sessions

    Sen Grassley asked Sessions, "What are you doing to find out how the Russian takeover of the American uranium was allowed to occur despite criminal conduct by the Russian company that the Obama administration approved to make the purchase?" Sessions is very guarded in his response, saying, "Mr. Chairman, we will hear your concerns." [More]
  • eric holder

    Holder – Comey “Had A Feeling” Clinton Would Get Off, OK To Exonerate Early

    Cartel gun smuggler Holder, the only Attorney General in American history to ever be held in contempt is also held in high esteem by his anti-American Democrat peers. As he and Jake Tapper sit together in the darkened room, Tapper incorrectly phrases his question, stating that James Comey "ultimately cleared" Hillary Clinton of any criminal wrongdoing. The distortions and falsehoods by both is just beginning. [More]
  • roger goodell nfl

    Slow Suicide – NFL Brass Meet With Field Thugs, Opt For Two More Weeks of Turmoil

    It's a small, moral victory. The NFL owners and commissioner met with the demanding prima donna employees that they have both created and enabled and the feelings of it being a wasted day were present on all sides. Now they're getting a taste of what their former fans are feeling when they attempt to sit down to watch a game and end up being lectured, criticized, insulted and their country disrespected. But for those enjoying watching these arrogant thugs and elites self-destruct, it got better... [More]
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