Carter and diGenova discuss what’s next for the COUP participants being exposed, and what secrets documents that they’ve fought so hard to keep from Congress…

joe digenova sara carter

Joe diGenova begins by opening up on Sally Yates, the COUP participant who was Deputy AG during the Obama regime and acting AG when President Trump first took office, who was later fired for insubordination to the President.

He mocks Yates for her comments about the rule of law, “when she and Brennan and Comey and others destroyed the rule of law in the Obama administration,” destroying the Department of Justice and the FBI. “It is going to take a decade,” says diGenova, “to rebuild the public trust in the FBI and the Department of Justice, because Sally Yates, who just joined a fancy law firm in Atlanta, is going to need to lawyer up.”   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

DiGenova continues, “The disgraceful performance of her, and of course, even more disgraceful, John Brennan, who led a conspiracy against a campaign of the opposing party’s presidential nominee, and then when he won, did everything they could to frame him and his compatriots with false crimes. It is the greatest political scandal in American history and shame on Sally Yates and shame on John Brennan.”

Sara Carter says there are other documents that are associated with the FISA applications to spy on Carter Page that also “brought in a dragnet of everyone that Carter Page spoke to and possibly people that those people spoke to.” She says the other documents, aside from the dossier, were attached to the FISA application.

Carter says what’s important now is that Nunes and Congress get those COUP documents. Carter says they’re stored in a secure location, Hannity isn’t so sure. Carter hopes that assurances were obtained from Rosenstein and Wray that they’re going to bring the documents to a meeting set up by Chief of Staff Kelly.

Hannity reveals that the spy was paid between $400,000 and 1,000,000 for his betrayal. DiGenova notes that most of the scumbags who were part of the COUP have left the DOJ and FBI, which puts them beyond the reach of IG Horowitz, who lacks subpoena power. A grand jury needs to be utilized to compel people to testify.

Hannity comments, “I hear that if he brings them he’s signing his own…demise. Carter observes, “Well, he signed that last FISA warrant. DiGenova quips, “Let’s hope so. Let’s hope so.” There sure doesn’t seem to be a lot of sympathy for the treasonous swamp rodent among these patriotic Americans.

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