Carlson Twists Twisted Dem Supporting Sexual Identity On Demand Into Knots

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Zac Petkanas is a DNC Senior Advisor and supporter of the nonsensical notion that one can decide their sex based upon how they feel or any variety of other factors. He accepted an invitation to go on Tucker Carlson’s program to defend and perhaps expand support of those views among his audience, pressing the Democrat agenda away from what was always seen as being normal and wholesome. Now the most bizarre concepts are the very notions Democrats attempt to force upon us. As for Petkanas making believers out of the Carlson audience, he failed miserably on both counts.

Petkanas gives the standard line of safety as the pretext for these gender on demand policies, that it’s not safe for boys who feel like girls to be using the rest rooms that they match up with biologically. The safer route, according to these geniuses, is to put a lone male in with females or a lone female in with males, in order to avoid any conflict or uncomfortable feelings on behalf of that lone individual.

He also makes the argument that schools were wishing to avoid title nine lawsuits when in actuality, they are muddying the waters considerably in that regard, increasing the likelihood of suits and putting things into the hands of activist judges. The biological determination is pretty cut and dry, what has created the uncertainty and any associated legal concerns is the Democrats deciding they were going to play God, and create new varieties of human beings.

To that point, Carlson asks his guest why he, as a man in every way, can’t declare himself to be a woman and simply demand to play on a woman’s sports team. For that matter, why can’t he sign up for a woman-owned small business loan, based upon Petkanas’ protective federal guidelines? The liberal goes into the spin and agitation cycles as the interview wears on, clearly arguing a point to which science and reason have already declared him the loser.

Petkanas wound up holding the short straw on this exchange. He had to know that Carlson is a tough interviewer and must have felt he was up to the task. He wasn’t, and that fact made it great fun to watch.

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2 Comments on Carlson Twists Twisted Dem Supporting Sexual Identity On Demand Into Knots

  1. One type of fastener is a bolt and nut. The bolt screws into the nut. Democrats do not get anything done because they have no concept about construction. Where there is a cross threaded bolt or nut, the cross thread needs to be re-threaded. Seems there are people that need to be re-threaded.

  2. Dr. Deplorable // February 24, 2017 at 10:45 pm // Reply

    God created both Male ans Female, not Transgenders, Homosexuals, or Lesbians.

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