Carlson, Tammy Bruce – Leftist Race And Gender Cannibals Are Self Destructing

carlson bruce left cannibals


Tucker Carlson starts out the segment with the infamous clip of DNC chairman candidates squaring off and trying to “out non-white” each other. The woman with white skin in her yellow and blue moving day outfit describes how it’s her job “to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.” In the new Democrat Party white people don’t get to talk.

As the heavy black woman looks on approvingly from behind, the DemoNazi continues, saying, “My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say ‘Oh no, I’m not prejudiced, I’m a Democrat.'” Having just extolled how virtuous she was for shutting voices belonging to white people down, the would-be tyrant says, “We cannot smash voices down when they are trying to scream ‘listen to me, you don’t get it.'” Clearly someone doesn’t get it. She then says, “I’m a white woman, I don’t get it.” Somehow we had that figured out already.

Tucker asks Tammy Bruce, “What was that about, what’s your read on that.” She’s not a Psychiatrist, Tucker, but she is smart and has a lot of experience with lefties, if anyone can figure out these nut jobs it’s probably her. Bruce opens by speaking to that experience, saying, “Look, I was on the left, I was with NOW and I saw this building. It really is kind of a cannibalism internally. Look, if you’re a Democrat, if you’re a politician you want to reach every American. But what this is is the boiling down of identity politics. That’s all they’ve had. The left, liberals can’t win on the details of the issues so what they’ve done is they’ve separated Americans, they’ve pitted Americans against each other, they use emotion, they manipulate people based on those emotions.”

Bruce says, “And part of that has been, of course, about racism, sexism, homophobia. And what we’re seeing now, since they got completely shellacked, they are now a regional, weak club, they’re really kind of boiled down like a sauce, Tucker. And they’re at the heart of what it is that drives them, which is this racialist point of view, which is not racism it’s more of everything is seen through race or with feminists, everything is seen through gender.”

Ms Bruce points out that, “The American people are seeing things through the job, through our bank account, if my child is going to be safe, I don’t want to have to worry about them, about war. These are the things that have marginalized the party and have now made them irrelevant.

Carlson points out that we’ve seen this tribalism in movies before in different periods throughout history. He asks Tammy Bruce how things are going to end up. The Democrats are turning on, not only those who didn’t and don’t fit into their utopia, but various segments of their own composition that are seen as having less worth. It’s a hysteria with all of them pandering to the lowest common denominator, at the expense of others, who will ultimately go elsewhere, further marginalizing the Democrats and ironically making them less diverse as the supposed champions of diversity.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

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