Carlson – Sellout RINOs, Ryan Support DACA Illegals – Ignore Citizens, Trump Agenda

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Americans are being inundated with the messages from cowardly, pandering, corrupt and wholly purchased politicians on all sides of the political spectrum, most offensively, turncoat RINOs like Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain.

They’re promoting the message of their masters, those who own them, their establishment financiers. That message lately includes being in favor of DACA, not of the policies upon which Republicans and other regular Americans voted President Trump into office, but one we oppose.

Tucker Carlson offers some insight into why things are as messed up as they are and how much worse they can get if this dereliction of duty and responsibility to the nation continues unchecked. He notes that it is not something that we elected President Trump on that Republicans are able to rally around, it’s not something they promised voters, such as repealing Obamacare. Instead it’s preserving the open border immigration policies that we oppose that our corrupt treasonous Congress cares about.

Carlson points out, “Republican leaders in Congress are scrambling to preserve DACA. This morning in a radio interview, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan begged the President to keep the program in place until Congress can pass a bill granting amnesty to the illegal ‘immigrants’ DACA covers.”

He points to other RINOs, Rep Mike Coffman (R-CO), Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC), all backing amnesty plans of one type or another which are in opposition to President Trump and America and all hopefully serving their last term in Congress.

Tucker takes a little time to explain why Tillis is bad for American, what a liar he is and how he’s flip-flopped in service to his corporate masters now that he’s been able to lie his way into the Senate. He was invited onto the program, but in true cowardly fashion, having positions that are both a betrayal of America and indefensible, Tillis chose to decline. Carlson takes him apart anyway for his putting foreign criminals before honest Americans looking for a job.

Carlson says, “Donald Trump ran in 2016 with almost no support from the Republican establishment. In many cases they actively denounced him, they almost all despised him, but he won anyway because his campaign promises had powerful appeal and Republicans on the Hill were able to benefit by extension.

Rather than take advantage of their good luck and consider whether they ought to try to help the President achieve those campaign promises, Republicans have repeatedly shown that their campaign pledges were lies and that their chief interest is in protecting the tiny donor class that funds their campaigns.”

“They show more affinity in many cases,” notes Carlson, “for ‘president’ Obama’ than they do for the current President’s. No wonder that Congress’ approval ratings are generally lower than those of our historically unpopular President. [Don’t believe the polls]”

Carlson warns, “When a bunch of Republicans are crushed in next fall’s congressional elections, they’ll try to blame the President. It might have been easier just to listen to the President’s voters.”

He follows up his powerful message with one of the typical whiny “I have a right to citizenship” illegal aliens on, this one an attorney, to make what are some embarrassingly weak arguments.


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10 Comments on Carlson – Sellout RINOs, Ryan Support DACA Illegals – Ignore Citizens, Trump Agenda

    and i bought more ammo for my toys yesterday.

  2. Excellent comment Josphine Marshall. Well stated!

  3. This Congress IS the swamp. It’s up to us to drain it in 2018. Every member is a swamp creature because not one of them has done what he promised to do, despite a few of them telling us what we wanted to hear to elicit our support. They are either actively working aggainst us or are contaminated by the company they keep. Either way, they are all a clear and present danger to our country, safety, and security.

    • The swamp people need to be reminded that we elected Mr. Trump as our President, not Ryan, who has been mouthing off since Trump became President like he is President too. Then there’s the so called McCain, hero. Ha, ha. He’s a back stabbing traitor who needs to be put out to pasture. Maybe we should lock them all up in Gitmo, starting with Soros and Obama, and collecting the rest of the liars. You are right. They are looking out for themselves. They don’t like Trump because he is honest and they don’t want loose their perks. Too bad we can’t eliminate all of them and start over.

  4. Paul Ryan should be the first to go. The so called ‘Freedom Caucus’ should be horse whipped for putting him in as Speaker and by the way where are they now when they should be after Ryan to remove him? HUH? I have every name on that list and there are very few who are really Conservative and care about America and its people. RINO NWO RATS who answer to the likes of Soros and the Globalists. I call Ryan and his goons TRAITORS.

  5. If they get the 2 yr amnesty that is being thrown around they will ALL be citizens before the 2 yrs are up. We are still handing out visas, bringing in refugees, not deporting the 50+ million illegals, the lawless are running rampant tearing down our heritage, 0care 2.0 is still on the way, and the BIG issues are being downgraded.

    Welcome to the twilight zone.

  6. Another interview that shows just who is trying to justify the illegal alien claims. I’m sorry that their parents did this to their children but they still do not have the right to be here. Our laws must be enforced if we are to remain a great republic. Open borders are not OK. The rhinos and all who do not support our laws must be ousted as soon as possible. Carlson is so good at bringing out the truth.

    • The DACA people are only here because Obama wrote an illegal executive order for them. They have had plenty of time to apply for citizenship, why haven’t they, because they are getting a free ride for college, living expenses, etc. We can’t afford to support the whole world. The jobs that some of the illegals are working could be done by the free loaders sitting on Welfare all over the country. They should have to work for their money. Did you know that Obama is getting $1.1 million for expenses in 2018? Now he’s sticking his nose into our politics again. He needs to be sent back to Kenya or put in jail for his lies and fraudulent birth certificate. Just another Obama lie. Now he and Soros are paying off the Republicans in Congress to stop all of the bills the President wants to pass. If these people aren’t citizens, deport them. They have broken the law, no matter how long they’ve been here. A note on Obamacare. Did you know that the DC people get a 70% subsidy for their health insurance. No wonder they don’t want to stop Obamacare. Now they want to give everybody Medicare. What about all of the seniors that are paying for that coverage for $110 a month. They keep messing with us deplorables. They have forgotten we elected Trump not all of the clowns blabbing in DC and that we also have all of the guns.

  7. roger williams // September 2, 2017 at 10:40 pm // Reply

    No longer a two party congress. Their all one and the same, and for who ? Themselves and the special interests that buy influence.
    Come election we need to vote for a non incumbent and put more strangers in the congress.

  8. well.
    if nothing else the President is GETTING ALL TRAITORS EXPOSED, and he needs APPLAUDED FOR THAT.

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