Carlson – Political Establishment Plot To Topple Trump Targets Next Victim – AG Jeff Sessions

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Tucker Carlson cuts through the disinformation that the Democrats and the leftist media is incessantly spewing, noting the real purpose underlying the Comey testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee was an effort to topple the Trump Administration. He notes that as of the time of his broadcast, the effort had failed, President Trump was still in office.

He offers a sampling of the many false accusations of the left made against President Trump, involving the Russia hoax, pointing out that nobody really believes that crap, “which is why nobody ever explains how exactly it happened or what specifically the effects of it were, because they have no idea and in fact they don’t really care. They just want Trump gone, along with anyone else who is in the way. Russia is just a means.”

“First they tried racism, remember that?” asks Carlson. “Trump is supposed to be the biggest racist since Bull Connor. Hillary Clinton based an entire presidential campaign on that idea. It didn’t work. In the end Trump got a higher percentage of votes from some minorities than Mitt Romney had four years before – oops. Not a good strategy.”

“And then somebody creative came up with the idea of Trump as traitor,” says Carlson, “a Russian agent posing as a 70-year-old New York real estate developer. It sounded kind of far-fetched but for some reason it kind of worked. Half the country seemed to buy it and 100% of CNN viewers were  all in. It’s been all Putin ever since then. Mike Flynn lost his job over it, others may follow. Now they’re trying for Jeff Sessions, who is not only the Attorney General but probably the smartest and most principled person in the entire administration and therefore the greatest threat to total progressive domination of everything. He’s got to go, so of course, he’s a Russian spy now too.”

Comey implied it in his testimony and in his later closed door hearing with the same group of duplicitous dishonest clowns. Carlson has learned that in that closed door hearing, Comey “suggested” impropriety in another instance of a meeting with Russian Ambassador Kislyak, in the spring of 2016. He has no proof, he didn’t even make an accusation. He doesn’t have to, he need only make the inference and leave it for his attack vermin in the media and Congress to do his dirty work.

Carlson reminds his audience that none of this “is about truth or fairness, much less protecting this country from foreign threats. It’s about toppling, let’s not lie about it, a democratically elected government that the permanent class in Washington doesn’t like.” He also reminds viewers that the whole Russia story is a hoax, “a lie that those who tell it are beginning to believe.” He adds, “That’s the definition of mass hysteria.”

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3 Comments on Carlson – Political Establishment Plot To Topple Trump Targets Next Victim – AG Jeff Sessions

  1. Unless the Administration has the cajones to go after the entire swamp cabal, try them, jail them, attach their assets, nothing will change and the obstruction, treason, theft, will simply continue.

    No country club prisons, put them in max security, general population.

  2. Sessions is a fantastic Attorney General! He’s no Comey! The Dims need to be confronted with the honesty in President Trump’s admin. every minute of every day. Maybe that would slow down their Dim-witted little minds enough for people to catch up with what’s really going on. At least Comey slowed them down for a day or so.

  3. Thomas Oakley // June 12, 2017 at 10:11 pm // Reply

    So now they are after sessons……..Well he had many years in that swamp they call the senate…..SOOOOO I would say he knows where all the dirt lies with the so called senators. Now If any of them start the….LIES……then maybe he should start the investigations and charges by the DOJ, that is after he gets rid of the rest of the obamssssss…..back stabbers, etc in the DOJ and the FBI….then go after them and stop being the nice guy.

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