Carlson The Merciful – Releases Outwitted Boycotting Rep To Fight Another Day

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Congressman Dwight Evans is a Philadelphia Democrat who was just elected to the House and has made a career decision, as a Democrat, to be a lemming and boycott the inauguration on Friday. Maybe he could make use of that time with a dictionary, learning what the word “aspect” means and then use it correctly next time he’s on national television. Throwing out two syllable words at the wrong time just because they sound big doesn’t guarantee you’ll look sophisticated.

Evans says there’s a couple of reasons why he’s boycotting, “First and foremost I believe that the President-elect doesn’t share the same aspect around the Affordable Care Act, which is basically for the constituents that I represent, it’s very important.

“Secondly,” he says, “about the Russian hacking, I believe that also should be taken seriously and there should be an investigation and thirdly (now more than a couple) about the issue of Congressman John Lewis. Here in the city of Philadelphia he received the Liberty Medal celebration of the Constitution, a couple of weeks ago. Very same medal that President Mandela, Colin Powell, Jimmy Carter, among other people received that.” Is a medal that was given to communist Nelson Mandela representative of what we look for in a Congressman these days?

He adds, “So basically, look, at the end of the day, the President-elect will be sworn in (actually it’s at high noon) but you know, this is an opportunity for me to send that message that I’m not happy or satisfied.” Tucker Carlson clearly has this guy pegged for the tool that he is, asking him a simple and harmless enough question, “would anyone who disagrees with John Lewis on a political issue get the same treatment from you?”

The internal hypocrite struggles to keep clear of Congressman Evans’ mouth as he says, “Well, I mean, look, John Lewis is a hero in this country. He should not have been attacked the way he was attacked.” Carlson interjects, “But he’s also a Congressman.” He points out, “He’s an elected official and he has been for thirty years, so if I don’t agree with something that he says, does that make me a villain?”

“But to say that he has not demonstrated any action,” says Evans, “I believe, that’s the wrong message. He has demonstrated a lot of action. In terms of things that he has done. I mean, to make those kind of charges are ridikeless, [sic] to say those things about John Lewis and what he has meant. I just think those things are over the board. And I think that as a person who is going to become the next President of the United States, in my particular view we should talk about trying to bring people together rather than separate them.” Of course when a commie Democrat says “bring people together,” that means appease them, give them something, surrender to show good faith.

Carlson points to the unique situation in which the legislators are attacking the executive before he takes office and proclaiming that he’s illegitimate as Evans is bragging about his ability to work with people. Evans defaults back to the Democrat defense of vague speech and generalities, saying, “I’m there and meeting my obligation and responsible [sic] in the United States Congress.”

After pointing out that Evans’ district has one of the heaviest concentrations of black Americans in the nation, he asks him what he thought of Trump’s New Deal for Black America, his ten point plan for black America. Evans replies, “I haven’t really seen it, I mean I’d be open to see exactly what he’s talking about. That muffled gurgle sound was Evans taking the bait and Carlson setting his hook. He interrupts him right there and asks, “What do you mean?” Carlson points out that it is unfair to criticize Trump when he hasn’t bothered to look at his plan, pointing out a few items on the rare moments that he’s able to talk over the Congressman where they would have common ground. He makes the point that Evans should have at least taken the time to read it.

Evans is a Democrat, so his first obligation is to the Party. Then he’s got his racist obligations and further down the list, somewhere, possibly are the American people and the country as a whole. He might make it down there one day, maybe when he’s finished with reading Mr. Trump’s plan, and that dictionary.

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