Carlson, Fitton – Trump Must Order DOJ Audit Of FBI / DOJ Sham Investigations, Corruption

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Tucker Carlson and Tom Fitton discuss the revelations made by Senators Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), that former FBI Director James Comey was running a sham investigation.

Comey had already started drafting his announcement that he was not going to prosecute as early as April of 2016, while the “investigation” was still underway. Carlson asks Fitton, “Can this be true?”

Fitton responds, “It’s incredible, it shows the investigation truly was a sham. You know Comey came out and said he made the decision in July (perjury before Congress?). Well, his deputies were interviewed by government officials and they said, ‘Well he began drafting the statement in early May, maybe even as early as April, before they had interviewed 17 key witnesses, including Clinton.”

He continues, “And remember they gave immunity to all of those witnesses and everyone was outraged. And now we know why they gave immunity, because they weren’t going to prosecute anybody. Why get in the way, why let testimony or grand juries get in the way of this sham investigation? Just give everyone immunity and just proceed.”

“A Potemkin investigation,” says Carlson, who asks about the reports that “the FBI helped pay for the dossier on Donald Trump, the Russian dossier that was published ultimately in Buzzfeed.” His own Daily Caller had in April 2017 cited a report in the New York Times of an offer by Comey to pay $50,000 for corroborating proof of the dossier allegations to Christopher Steele, the former British Intelligence agent and supposed dossier author. It’s always possible there’s much more.

Fitton says, “They started paying, it looks like, the ‘expert’ behind the dodgy dossier.” “During the campaign,” Carlson injects. “The FBI helped pay for oppo research on Hillary’s opponent.” After and affirming “that’s right” from Fitton, Carlson asks, “Do we know that’s true?”

He replies, “Well we’re trying to get answers about that and we asked the FBI for documents about any payments they made to the author of the Trump-Russia dossier and they came back to us and they said, ‘We can’t even confirm or deny whether any such documents exist.'”

Fitton says, “So I don’t know who’s running the FBI, well, I do, but it’s certainly not someone with the interests of the American people in terms of getting some transparency about the misconduct of the FBI during the Obama administration, as they were working to really nail Trump through this really awkward and, let’s put it this way, conspiratorial relationship, with the authors of the Trump dossier.”

“This is a two-fer story,” says Fitton. “You’ve got Comey protecting Hillary Clinton while targeting Trump at the same time. That’s the intervention in the election we need to be investigating. And if I were President Trump, I’d order the DOJ to do an audit of what the FBI and Justice Department were up to last year, including reviewing the handling of the Clinton investigations and yes, the handling of his investigations as well.”

Fitton adds, “He’s a victim here but the American people are too because they were abusing the political process even more so than any Russians were.”

What Fitton doesn’t ask is why have Jeff Sessions and President Trump continued to fight the release of information about the investigation in what is an obvious cover up of the corruption that was ongoing at the time.

It would be such an easy matter to make good on his “lock her up’ campaign promise with the type of audit that Fitton is calling for. Why is there to this point so little discernible difference between the DOJ and FBI of Loretta Lynch, James Comey and Hussein Obama and what is in place today. It’s as if nothing changed.

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