Carlson – FBI Names BLM, Black Identity Extremists As Deadly Domestic Threat

carlson black lives matter terrorist threat

The FBI has identified and issued a warning against a new terror threat in America. As Tucker Carlson reports, he reminds us of the number of police officers assassinated in the past couple of years, indicating that there is a direct correlation.

Carlson says, “In a new report by the FBI’s anti terror division, agents warn that America faces a new domestic terror threat from ‘black identity extremists’ who have become violently radicalized against the police since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson three years ago.”

He points out that was “an event that was relentlessly politicized by the Obama administration.” He continues, “The report says those extremists ‘proactively target police and openly identify and justify their actions with social – political agendas commensurate with their perceived injustices against African Americans.'”

Carlson clarifies, saying, “In other words, the political rhetoric of Black Lives Matter now flows from the barrel of a gun, and that’s a bad thing. It also makes you wonder why so many Democrat politicians endorsed that group. Words matter.”

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5 Comments on Carlson – FBI Names BLM, Black Identity Extremists As Deadly Domestic Threat

  1. Do you all know who is the head of these radical groups? It’s the Soros/Obama gang. Now Crooked Hillary is sticking her nose in everything too. These people advertise on Craig’s List for people to start fights at protests and rallies. The police need to start using real bullets against them. They all need to be disappeared. You’re right, Ben, about us deplorables having to fix this. Now even the DACA people are getting violent. We need to deport all of them, even Obama’s Syrian army. If we cut off their Welfare and food stamps checks they would have to leave. Then we need to send Soros, Obama, Clinton, McCain and now Porker, and whoever else is trying to stop the President, to Gitmo, and let them rot there. Or we could give them California, a bunch of guns, and no federal aide. They can have the Syrian communist Muslims, the illegals and the DACA people.

  2. well.
    like those ANTIFA THUGS then i guess we can SAY IT WILL BE OPEN SEASON ON THEM.

  3. Carlson said what this administration will/has not said. The FBI, DoJ, and law enforcement seem to be MIA. I was hoping for David Clarke to be appointed to a position to clean out domestic terrorism.

    Looks like the people will be pushed into fixing this.

  4. Don’t trust the FBI, definitely don’t trust BLM. Could the FBI be right for a change? They’re just changing tactics for a bit… causing more angst.

  5. Andrew W Natheson // October 11, 2017 at 9:12 pm // Reply

    Hey Rick,
    Black Lies Matter and the NAACP are DOMESTIC TERRORISM in Both Canada and the States. High Time the GVMNT Recognizes Them for What they Are and Quite Beating Around the Bushes About It, Failure to Do So Only Makes It Worse, Time to Put a Stop to this Politically Correct Bull Shit,

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