Carlson Exposes Know-Nothing Nye, Tells Him He’s A Pretending Phony And A Bully

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Tucker Carlson really exposed Bill Nye the Science Guy as Bill  Nye the Lying, Vague Not-So-Scientific Weasel of a Guy in an interview on his prime time television show. Nye clearly thought he would be able to make it through on his usual bluster, fast talk and switching of topics that works for him everywhere else he goes, but Nye is out of his league with Carlson, he couldn’t fake his way through this interview.

Carlson stated out by labeling Nye as aspiring to a new title of “Bill Nye the Psychoanalyst Guy,” quoting him from an event earlier in the day in which he said, “Skeptics of global warming suffer from psychological  delusion of cognitive dissonance, noting that last year he was “open to the idea of imprisoning ‘skeptics’ of global warming as war criminals.”

After releasing some phony, overly theatrical  nervous laughter in a display of whatever psychological safety measure it might have been, Nye goes on to explain that cognitive dissonance is not a delusion, it’s a feature, and that they “in the science community,” are looking for an explanation. They want to know why people are questioning the hoax that he’s out hustling on a daily basis, why they are “in denial” of what he calls the “overwhelming scientific evidence.” Maybe it’s because we’ve smelled bull crap before, Bill.

Nye says, “The most reasonable explanation is you have a world view and then you have evidence and the evidence disagrees with your world view so you deny the evidence and then along with that you deny the authorities that are providing the evidence. Now if you have a better hypothesis for why ‘climate deniers’ deny the overwhelming scientific evidence, bring it on. It’s not a delusion, it’s just like the fox and the grapes. You can reach the grapes so he says the grapes are no good.”

No, you liberal freak, your supposed evidence actually is no good. The truth regarding your scam will be coming out now that Hussein Obama and Gina McCarthy and the grants they funded to generate phony reports later presented as “evidence” are gone.

Carlson explains to the fake science guy that the essence of science is skepticism, that “we ought always to be asking ourselves ‘is my hypothesis true.'” Nye, somewhat irritated, responds, “I’m a member of both skeptic organizations, Mr. Carlson, and this is, this is uh…climate change denial is denial. The evidence is overwhelming.” He’s about to learn what is truly overwhelming, and that is his host. He makes an insincere, stomach turning comment about how much he loves Carlson as a person, as if that would somehow bolster his position or convince Carlson to give up on his reasoned approach and just accept the hype.

Carlson says, “Before the name-calling begins and before you try to end the conversation let’s start it by asking what exactly you mean.” Carlson points out that the climate has always been changing and then asks this “scientific” guy for specifics. The climate alarmists, as Hussein Obama demonstrated on innumerable occasions, refuse to provide specifics. They fear-monger about events that “are already starting to happen” in a far off place and which will soon be coming to an ocean, glacier or the air near you.”

Nye doesn’t get away with those tricks despite many attempts, exposing himself for the uninformed phony that Carlson eventually calls him out to be for the fraud that he is. Carlson says, “So much of this you don’t know, you pretend that you know, but you don’t know and you bully people who as you questions.”

Nye then “reveals” some inside information on a totally unrelated topic, that of why there are leaks in the White House. He’s the one that needs the psychoanalysis, it seems, not the “crazy” skeptics.

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  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // March 1, 2017 at 6:32 pm // Reply

    Bill Nye, ASSHOLE extortionist lying POS.

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