Tucker Carlson Dismantles Demanding DACA Agitator Making Threats

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Opening with a sequence of Nancy Pelosi being ravaged at one of her events by a group of here “illegal alien constituents,” Tucker Carlson makes the comment that the “revolution always consumes itself.”

As Pelosi is given a taste of what it’s like to attempt to engage in a rational conversation with someone on the left, she illustrates that total lack of gratitude and demanding nature of those who deserve nothing from this country and pandering politicians such as her attempt to reward.

Carlson invited one of those demanding illegal aliens, Ivan Ceja on his program for a discussion of the positions that those demanding amnesty attempt to argue.

Ceja ignores the portion of the question regarding the absence of any gratitude and absolves them of any responsibility, saying that they are simply reacting to their being talked about but not with. Usually when there’s a problem that needs to be eliminated that is how it’s done. You don’t go out and hold a conversation at night with the cockroaches in the kitchen. You call in an exterminator.

He threatens both parties with being held accountable, something that doesn’t go over so well with Carlson.  He tells Ceja to “slow down, you’re issuing a threat and I want to understand what that threat means.”

Carlson clarifies, “You’re saying as an illegal here, you’re not a US citizen, you’re saying you and other non-US citizens are going to hold US citizens accountable for not being nice enough to non-US citizens, is that what you’re saying?”

He steps into it with both feet, saying, that and more, much of it completely untrue. He said, “What I’m saying is that these elected officials are there to represent all constituents, including “undocumented immigrants” [illegal squatters] that live in these communities. And although we do not vote them in directly, we do take great part in our community and ask to be represented.”

He continues with the invalid attempts to justify his position, saying, “We are paying taxes, we are contributing to the community and we just ask for representation.” Carlson cuts through the smoke screen, saying, “You’re not a US citizen. The US government exists to serve the needs and protect the needs of US citizens.”

He reminds the illegal, “I does not exist to protect the needs of non-US citizens. Do you see the distinction? I think all countries are that way. Of course what he sees and what he’s willing to admit to are two different things. Ceja has an agenda and it is dependent upon arm-twisting something that he is not in any way entitled to. There will be no honesty coming from someone arguing from such a weak position.

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  1. Ceja is obviously another idiot illegal. Send him back to Mexico, they could use his help to rebuild the earthquake damage.

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