Carlson Demonstrates It’s Pointless To Talk To Open Border Agitator Liberals

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Tucker Carlson demonstrates why it’s pointless to attempt to reason with a liberal, the importance of maintaining a sense of humor and to expect to be frustrated because it’s inevitable. He invited his antagonist, Enrique Morones, of the racist group Border Angels, onto his program for a discussion that eventually worked its way around to the subject of a nation’s right to control who enters from a foreign nation.

He plays a clip of Sean Spicer in a press briefing confirming that a border wall is a priority and that he has already begun working with Congress on the funding. In the introduction of his guest Tucker quote his bio, including a line in which the dual citizenship holder says he’s “a proud American but an even prouder Mexican.” Morones doesn’t dispute that quotation at that time, although later he’ll take exception to it.

Carlson asks the racist open borders advocate what he thinks about the harsher and more stringent laws and enforcement of his beloved Mexico. The agitator utilizes the common leftist tactic of going into a talking points monologue rather than answering the question, most of it attacks against President Trump. The agitator disputes Carlson’s facts, making it difficult to debate him, claiming that the catch and induct policies of Jeh Johnson and Hussein Obama, despite clogging the court system only result in a 4 percent asylum rate rather than the figure Carlson has of 49% and the 80 percent that Border Patrol agents estimate.

Moving on from that point due to the liberal’s failure to acknowledge that his data is correct, Carlson points out that illegally entering Mexico is a felony and repeated illegal entries can result in a ten year sentence. He quotes other laws that could be considered harsh by their standards and asks if they are humane or racist. The libtard redirects the focus to the US, saying, we have laws like that as well, again not answering the question.

He says they’re not illegal aliens, that they are “undocumented people.” Carlson doesn’t make the point that they have documents from their home countries which they choose not to use, so they are not undocumented. He then makes the point that “illegal alien” is the term that the IRS uses and did use for the entirety of the “humanitarian” Obama regime’s tenure.

After he dodges behind the obfuscation of which country he’s more proud of so as to not have to answer the felony question, Carlson asks if a country has a right to control its borders. Morones starts grasping at straws and throws many of them into the conversation, blaming the US for misdeeds around the globe that somehow force people to want to come here. His idiotic comments aren’t enough to distract Carlson this time around.

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2 Comments on Carlson Demonstrates It’s Pointless To Talk To Open Border Agitator Liberals

  1. Dr. Deplorable // January 25, 2017 at 12:37 am // Reply

    “FOOLS welcome Illegal Invaders, Anti-Americans, Marxists & Political Corruption. Wise & Understanding People welcome Law & Order, Jobs, and a Sovereign Nation!” Life-long American Citizen.

  2. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // January 24, 2017 at 8:18 pm // Reply

    President Trump….Build that Dam Wall….Kick’em out if they are here sneaking around taking Benefits that Americans can use.

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