Carlson, Bruce – US Left Has Been Handing Out Visas Like Candy To Recruit Dems

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Tammy Bruce joins Tucker Carlson for a discussion of how President Trump’s executive order banning makes us safer, a critical point in view of the fact that a liberal agitator federal judge just placed a stay upon it.

She says, “Obviously there’s a reason for the order on those nations. It was failed nation states and then two nation states that are state sponsors of terror, Sudan and Iran. These are nations as a result, all seven of them, where there’s no real infrastructural way to tell who it is that we’re allowing into the country, first of all. And then you’ve got, of course, these are the nations that are consumed with civil war, with terrorism, where terrorist groups have the majority of the land mass.”

“In addition,” says Bruce, “that ISIS, through the three cities that it’s taken, Mosul and Raqqa and other areas in Libya, have what’s called a fake passport industry. They have tens of thousands of blank passports in addition to state-based machinery to make identification papers. So you have potentially thousands of individuals with fake materials, fake ID. Remember also, Iran, like North Korea, has a state sanctioned counterfeiting operation. Not just with American cash, which is why we keep changing the design of our money, but also for identity papers.”

Bruce says, “So we’re looking at a dynamic where until we can be absolutely sure about who’s coming into this country, we have to presume that there’s a problem. Remember, this is limited. This is about making sure that we had some mechanism, so obviously this is the hot spot of where there is effectively a  regional war leading to a world war and we’ve got to have some parameters at this point.”

Carlson asks, “How confident are you that the federal government, under this president or any other, knows who’s coming in. There was this weird moment today where DHS said that these orders affect 100,000 visa holders, followed pretty swiftly by the State Department moving the number down to 60,000. What do you make of that?”

Bruce replies, “Look, whether it’s 60,000 or 100,000, I thought that news was great news in that, my goodness, we have potentially 100,000 people from a region that we don’t even know who’s there that we’ve given visas to? I mean, that was a sign that this order was working because it had been almost like we had been handed them out like candy. So there’s no way that you could have 60,000 to 100,000 visas, remember, this is just for those seven countries. It’s not like worldwide. And, of course now at this point those visas are technically canceled. But if people still have the piece of paper and now with this order being temporarily stopped, people can still come in.

Bruce revealed, “We had a number of Iranians fly in through Boston for a period of time who were allowed into the country with visas that effectively had been canceled.”

Carlson asks, “So what about the argument that’s being made by a lot of people that this is in effect a religious test, a Muslim ban and is therefore unconstitutional?” Bruce answers, “Look, what’s interesting is, here’s what the left is doing. They are determined to make sure that the Barack Obama theory, that the liberal theory of open borders, that everyone can come in here because that’s what they need to do to boost their power is the only answer. They’ve got to make sure that  Trump fails and as a result that this nation fails because otherwise they’ll be proven to be frauds.”

She affirms, “This obviously is not a religious test. It’s seven nations, 85% of the Muslims on the planet are not affected, so on its face that’s specious. I believe all the litigation, all of the lawsuits will ultimately fail but this is a test for the Trump administration because this is about keeping our nation safe. We sent the USS Cole over to Yemen, I mean, we’re in a world where we’re almost preparing for war here.”

Bruce adds, “And so keeping the parameters around this country is key. These arguments from the left are frauds and of course they’re meant to have Trump fail which means they want the nation to fail.

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