Carlson, Bruce – We’ve Lost A Generation That Hates America, Our Flag, Who We Are

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Tucker Carlson takes on the issue of rampant education system failures that is being evidenced by a wide range of social aberrations, starting of with the refusal to honor and to claim being offended by the American flag.  He had originally booked representatives of the Student Senate at the University of California at Davis, who had just voted to stop requiring the flag at their meetings, to come onto his show and attempt to defend their position. They got cold feet, apparently aware that they had no legitimate basis for their stance, and stopped returning his phone calls.

Instead Tammy Bruce was more than willing to join him for an analysis of what’s going on with these lame brains. It just so happened that this was also the topic of a column she is writing for the Washington Times, so the information is readily available and fresh.

Bruce says, “There are now so many strange issues, that it’s not just about being snowflakes and wanting safe spaces, it now has turned into violence, like what we saw at Berkeley” and shutting down speakers they don’t agree with. She says, “It’s fascinating that you actually have to opt-in and have to argue to have the American flag present at student senate meetings. And their argument is that everyone’s view of what the United States is is different.

She notes the person who is attacking the flag at UC Davis is a naturalized citizen, a foreigner we allowed into our midst who is now biting us in return. Bruce contends that they’ve come here, not to be part of America but to punish it. They agree that if the people who wind up running your country hate that country, you’re in trouble and that is the situation America is facing.

Carlson asks why we’re surprised, noting, “If you allow generations of kids to grow up in an education system that teaches them the country they live in is immoral, fatally flawed from the start, that it’s disgusting and not worth defending and the ideals it was founded upon are repulsive, this is what you get, isn’t it?”

Bruce says it’s what you get but that “Americans tend to not raise children like that.” She points out “It’s either a choice of individuals going to public schools where this kind of mob mentality prevails, versus private schools.” She raises the $38,000 that Clemson just spent to be told that requiring people [students] to show up on time is racist.

She notes how that type of thinking tilts the playing field in favor of those who understand the importance of being to your job on time, particularly in media positions but on the larger scale, the loss of a generation who doesn’t understand the requirements of business and industry or the concept of love of country and the future.

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7 Comments on Carlson, Bruce – We’ve Lost A Generation That Hates America, Our Flag, Who We Are

  1. I teach in a Catholic school, and every day I promote letting go of hatred. I promote a respect of our country, the flag, and especially President Trump. I hear young children say things that I’m appalled at. They learn this from their home life. But, I certainly address each and every comment, turning it around and promoting an understanding of respect and how important respect, love, and God is in their lives. I hope that I can undo at least some of the harm that is being fed to them on a daily basis. Parents like these who promote disrespect and hatred are hurting their own children. How sad! And when those children grow up and disrespect their parents, are they all to blame? What they teach their own children will in time turn around on them and they will receive the fruits of their labor. That is sad as well.

  2. Amen to that Kelleigh!

  3. I am with you Stan. There is a big beautiful world out there. Those people who choose to hate our flag, our country, our people, and our president should leave. But, they won’t because they know how good they have it. We should start a funding where the American people contribute one way tickets out of this country. We pay the fare one way for the haters but they cannot re-enter the United States of America. Remember all of those Hollywooders who claimed they were leaving, and they didn’t. I know a woman who stated ” I’m leaving the country if Trump gets elected.” I sent her an Email after the election and asked for her forwarding address. Of course her tune changed quickly. Shame on those haters.
    PS. I’ll be the first to sign up for the “One Way Ticket Program.” Anyone on line behind me?

    • Kelleigh Nelson // April 19, 2017 at 5:28 am // Reply

      And boy I’d love to get rid of them. Let them go live in the UK or France or Germany or Sweden where they can’t carry a firearm to protect them from refugees who want to kill them. Stupid idiots

  4. beachtennisguy // April 18, 2017 at 8:56 pm // Reply

    It’s evil, stupid, and crazy enough that this is going on, but what’s even more nuts is that we decent, patriotic Americans are forced to pay for it mainly through our property taxes. We are paying $hundreds of billions so that pagan-statist “teachers” and “administrators” can destroy our American heritage, values, and future. Liberalism/the Left corrupts everything that it touches. The whole corrupt, lousy, overpriced, self-serving government education establishment would start to crumble quickly if it had some robust publicly financed competition, e.g., vouchers, which could be used for private education.

  5. Kelleigh Nelson // April 18, 2017 at 7:57 pm // Reply

    Bottom line…this is what is taught in ALL the government schools today.

  6. Good, succinct, intelligent commentary. Have this gal on more often, Carlson.

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