Carlson, Bongino – Las Vegas Investigation Infighting and Mandalay PR Focus

Carlson and Bongino discuss some of the many things that don’t seem right with the Las Vegas investigation, infighting between investigators and MGM Mandalay plus a PR…

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After noting that the “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” slogan isn’t supposed to include criminal or terrorist investigations, Tucker Carlson addresses the glacially slow pace of the investigation and the fact that a Clarke County Judge has issued an order to Mandalay Bay not to destroy any evidence.

That order includes gambling records, surveillance tapes and anything else that might be relevant. He points out there’s “not even a settled timeline” and asks “Why is this taking so long?” Dan Bongino joins him with similar concerns.

Carlson remarks about the odd nature of the order, saying, “of course you don’t destroy evidence,” although it wasn’t so obvious to the professionals in the FBI when it came to Hillary Clinton or to her and her associates. In that instance it was “hurry up and destroy it,” so there is some justification for stating the obvious.

Bongino says, “You can add this to the list of perplexing things about this case that has me and a number of my law enforcement friends completely baffled. He points out that it’s common sense and knowledge that you don’t destroy or dispose of evidence and a judge’s order is generally not something that is needed.   [VIDEO BELOW]

He speculates that there must be some kind of a hostility or trust gap developing between law enforcement and Mandalay. He says, “Nothing else makes sense.” Carlson agrees that that makes sense to him as well, citing the management by Mandalay Bay of the statement by Jesus Campos, requiring him to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres program, a slow pitch softball venue.

Carlson asks if that control of the public relations to the point of dictating where and how many times this key individual would appear before the public would “suggest to law enforcement these people are spinning and we’d better keep them under control?”

He affirms that to probably be the case and comments that it is his normal predisposition to come down on the side of law enforcement. He remarks, “With the way this has been handled, between Mandalay’s just gross PR operation in this with Campos and the law enforcement timeline all over, I mean, you have to start to say to yourself, this is one of the largest mass murders in American history.”

Bongino says, “The public has a genuine, very real interest, Tucker, in finding out what the hell happened here. I get it, you’re the cops, I was one, I totally understand your job.  But this wasn’t a burglary at the 7-11. The American public is understandably a bit frightened.”

“Like, what the heck happened?” He asks, “were we dealing with a psychopath, were we dealing with a radical, a terrorist? What’s going on? And Mandalay, I have to be honest, is just not helping here with this butchered PR campaign.”

Carlson agrees and points out that they have a different agenda, which is avoiding being sued. He asks, “Why don’t the feds take charge?” With dozens and dozens of agents working the case, “Why doesn’t a spokesman come forward from the DOJ, from the FBI and say ‘Here’s the state of play, here’s what we know?'”

Bongino has no idea, saying, “It just doesn’t make sense.” He notes that there have been “problems from the start” with establishing the sequence of events the first step in an investigation. He believes the FBI, since they have custody of the evidence, is the lead investigative agency on the case.  He, likewise can’t explain why they haven’t taken over and communicated with the public.

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4 Comments on Carlson, Bongino – Las Vegas Investigation Infighting and Mandalay PR Focus

  1. roger williams // October 23, 2017 at 4:55 am // Reply

    FBI ????? Just what have they gotten right lately ???? And the CIA ????? Where the heck are they ?????
    Homeland Security has our homeland ever been this insecure ???? Congress,by the people and for the people ?
    Have they completely forgotten their role in government ????? So here we are with a congress that is fighting against one another because they want the total right to control the legislative process , in order to remove all power from the president and the people who support him. So if ever the congress is to perform its function it must be of one mind and one party . Not sure that’s possible ? So send Congress Home and on leave of absence, since there of no use at this time. FBI, CIA, DOJ, HomelandSecurity , all have been absent or ineffective. Wasting time investigating our president or grouping old ladies or children at airports is not getting it done. Send the lot of them home. Oh less we forget the infirmed, we have never been in sheep dung in the history of our republic such as we are today. Do these privileged mindless “ no dog in our race” people think there are no consequences to their asinine law making ????? Giving a lisence and a mandated approval to same sex marriage and public toilets, even at the school level ? A place where empty minds entrusted to publicly funded education are nurtured into learning life skills ????? I wonder if the choices were in their families would their desires to make law have been given such zeal ?

  2. I’m going to err on the side of this being a deep state conspiracy, and we will never find out the truth. They are spinning so many different versions that there will be too many conspiracy theories for the truth to be come out.

  3. Andrew W Natheson // October 22, 2017 at 12:03 pm // Reply

    Hey Rick,
    I Live Up in CANADA. I Have SERIOUS DOUBTS We Will Ever Get the TRUTH About what Happened in Las Vegas, I Suspect There is a BIG CONSPEARACY to Hide the Truth as to what Really Happened in Las Vegas. I do Know the Whole Matter HITS CLOSE to HOME When 6 Canadians are Injured and 4 Killed 2 of Them – 1 From Calgary and 1 From Okotooks 30 Kms South of Where I Live Little to Close for Comfort.I Feel a LOT of People are Owed a LOT of ANSWERS Without the Bull Shit of Getting the Run Around. My Views from Canada, THANKS

  4. as we say in the Marine Corps.
    TRUST ME, that is what it IS.

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