Carlson Battles Intelligence Committee Member Over What’s True And Oversight

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Tucker Carlson questions Congressman Jim Himes (D-CT), who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, regarding the broad range of implications, statements and contradictions that compose the controversy surrounding the Obama regime spying on the Trump campaign.

First he asks if the US intelligence community has any information, any communications to and from Trump Tower in its possession at that particular moment in time. The Congressman states that he doesn’t know but that if he did he likely would not be able to answer the question. That takes Carlson to another problem that he finds particularly offensive, the wholesale monitoring of American citizens by the intelligence agencies and the lack of sufficient oversight in that regard. He notes that since the Congressman sits on the committee that provides oversight, he has questions that he should be able to answer.

Himes disputes the reports in the leftist “news” publications that surveillance was being conducted of Paul Manafort and others during the campaign. He says that nothing has been confirmed.

The Democrat claims that the protections are adequate for those who might be caught up in surveillance of Russians such as happened to General Flynn, but is forced to recognize that the leaks came despite the supposed protections, reluctant to acknowledge that there is a problem with the system and the potential for abuse is not something the American people, regardless of party, should be willing to accept. That’s the point Carlson attempts more than once to make, though unsuccessfully.

Carlson asks him for specifics on the oversight of data collection involving United States citizens, which is virtually nonexistent, although the Congressman equates reading a report with oversight, one of the many contentious points in the interview.

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