Carlson Annihilates Disingenuous Dem For Shabby Sessions Russia Charade”

carlson maloney


Tucker Carlson gives the key points from a press release put out the previous day by the New York Democrat who is his guest, Rep Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY). He reads, “We need to look into the bigger picture here and figure out why he [Sessions] perjured himself and if there’s more to this story. We need a no-kidding, independent investigation into Russian hacking and influence. What are they hiding?”

Carlson says, “So the obvious question is what exactly are you implying, that Sessions is in the employ of the Kremlin, he’s an agent? What’s the implication of this?”

Maloney responds, “No, but I’m saying we should find out what the truth is. We shouldn’t be afraid of the facts and I think we all ought to step back and just let the facts play out. It is extremely concerning that he gave false testimony under oath to the Senate, you know, as part of his confirmation hearing. You know, that’s enough for me to suggest that he step aside but I think the bigger issue is what the Russians were up to, because we now have multiple officials who seem to be playing footsie with the Russians and either they’re lying about it like Michael Flynn or forgetting about it the case of Jeff Sessions’ statement, or hiding it in the case of bringing them into the Trump Tower to see the President’s son-in-law. What’s going on with the Russians?”

“And it would be great,” he says, “if both parties cared equally about this.” Carlson points out that the Obama regime was the one that set up the first meeting at the RNC, reading the full explanation from the website advertising the event. He asks how Maloney responds to those facts.”

Maloney replies, “Well then we shouldn’t have any problem with having an independent investigation.” He then offers to have the US Attorney for the southern district of Manhattan do it, as if it were Carlson’s call to make.

Carlson discounts that idiotic notion, and has more facts for the self-aggrandizing nobody Congressman. He asks “Before initiating an investigation, don’t you think it would be worthwhile if you could point to something that was, in fact, ominous?” Maloney replies that he thinks it’s ominous that multiple officials blah, blah, blah… Carlson brings him back to specifics, pointing out the left’s common tactic when they’re making an argument they can’t support.

Carlson proceeds to take him apart, wiping the smug smile off of his arrogant face as he does it. He takes exception to Maloney accusing the Attorney General of perjury. Tucker accuses the Congressman of being disingenuous,  and finally loses his patience, really telling the sanctimonious phony what he thinks about him and his claims.

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