Carbon Dioxide Not A Pollutant, A Benefit – 300 Scientists Write To President Trump

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A voice of reason has entered the argument in opposition to the supposedly united support of “the scientific community” in favor of the climate change hoax that supports the green energy scam and United Nations’ sustainable development-based global government push. It’s actually a chorus of three hundred dissenting scientific voices.

The group is disputing the erroneous claims of a supposed “ninety-seven percent of scientists” concurring with the climate fraud of the left. It’s a base of support that, whatever their real numbers, are far less than the near unanimous opinion that the world government, tax on all life crowd is pushing. The endorsement of the hoax was procured through the misuse of taxpayer-funded grants for fake research that was nothing more than the documentation of a predetermined outcome in support of the hoaxsters’ premise.

Dr. Mark Lindzen, a climate researcher with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), heads the group of 300 scientists who sent a letter to President Trump on Thursday. Among other things, they urge him to remove the United States from the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, an act that would immediately pay dividends by obstructing our participation in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

That agreement has never been ratified by Congress. It was merely declared self-ratified, dictator-style by Hussein Obama during a 2016 visit to China. It is completely unenforceable. Given that reality there’s still no downside to severing our association with the UN Convention on Climate Change, so let’s hope the letter’s advice is taken.

The scientists, who have finally gathered up their courage to speak out against the lies of the last eight years, informed the President that contrary to the claims of the globalists, carbon dioxide is actually “environmentally helpful” and is not a “pollutant” as the manipulative politicians on the left have falsely labeled it. They wrote that, far from being a negative on plant life, CO2 helps “crops and other plants that nourish all life.”

The climate experts wrote, “There is clear evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful to food crops and other plants that nourish all life. It is plant food, not poison.” They added,  “Since 2009, the U.S. and other governments have undertaken actions with respect to global climate that are not scientifically justified and that already have, and will continue to cause serious social and economic harm — with no environmental benefits.” 

That’s what American in the opposition to the madness have been arguing for a long time. President Trump is aware of those facts as well. This letter may provide him the political cover to do the right thing based upon the questions about the reckless, wasteful, and self-destructive madness it raises. The UN is not America’s friend. It’s not the friend of any free people. It is a control mechanism, the climate was to be one of their primary methods of inserting themselves where they have no business.


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8 Comments on Carbon Dioxide Not A Pollutant, A Benefit – 300 Scientists Write To President Trump

  1. Most readers of this article would never bother looking at the source from a critical perspective. Below is some information on the person behind the effort mentioned above. Note that the leader of this effort prefers to be cited as Richard Lindzen, not as Mark Lindzen.

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  2. The following graphic may help some understand whether natural forces, or human effects are primarily driving global warming.

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  3. Climate science deniers often claim that any excess CO2 that has been dumped into the atmosphere, or will likely be in the future, can be easily removed by plants such as trees. They often claim that significant increases in atmospheric CO2 levels will serve as a fertilizer for plants. They avoid citing articles such as the following.

    Trees and plants reached ‘peak carbon’ 10 years ago

    New study undercuts favorite climate myth ‘more CO2 is good for plants’

    More Carbon Dioxide is not necessarily good for plants.

    Trees absorbing less CO2 as world warms, study finds
    · Shorter winters weaken forest ‘carbon sinks’
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    Satellite observations show global plant growth is not keeping up with CO2 emissions
    NASA satellites reveal something startling about the future of food on Earth
    (Above 95° F photosynthesis rate drops rapidly)

    Soil carbon storage not the climate change fix it was thought, research finds

    Conservative Funders of Climate Denial Are Quietly Spending Millions To Generate More Partisan Journalism

  4. Good grief Charlie Brown! I learned that in elementary school. Clowns like Al Gore and friends are power tripping and getting rich in the process. RATIONAL AND EDUCATED MINDS ARE PREVAILING.

  5. Carmen Martínez // February 24, 2017 at 9:53 pm // Reply

    I have known for a longtime that the “Global warming” is a hoax. I also know how dangerous it is for scientist to tell the truth because of its $$$$ size. Thank you very much for your courage, the truth always wins and there are a lot of us supporting you.
    May God Almighty protect you all and your families.

  6. Thank you Lisa Bell, that site was well worth the seeing.

  7. Agree that it is time for the science community to come clean and take a stand. I found this video, very informative on this subject of CO2 scares.

    • Very interesting, and very informative. It makes me wonder why our last adminstration supported the rounding up, and killing of wild mustang heards, as well as wild burros. I hope many more of the liberals see this video.

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