Candidate Trump Loved WikiLeaks In October, Why Is He Targeting Assange As President?

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It’s a reasonably safe and fair statement to make that if it hadn’t been for the Assange and the WikiLeaks document dumps during the 2016 campaign, we’d be saddled with a President Clinton right now and the DC swamp would be overflowing across the entire nation. We might even be embroiled in a devastating civil war as patriots recognized the end of their nation as they knew it was at hand. It’s really not too much of a stretch to say that WikiLeaks played a significant role in, some might even say they’re responsible for, saving America.

CIA Director Pompeo Laid The Foundation For Coming After Assange Last Week With A Vicious Condemnation

That makes the slow roll out, from the recent condemnation by CIA Director Pompeo to the announcement of the intentions of the Sessions Justice Department to go after Julian Assange quite troubling on many levels. For one, we might expect President Trump to show a little gratitude and although he might not be able to do so publicly, let Mr. Assange “escape” to a friendly country where he can live out his days in peace and perhaps still run his operation with some “Art of the Deal” negotiated limitations.

Instead he’s looking at a potential arrest warrant being issued by the US and an understanding that his term as a prisoner in the Ecuadorian Embassy is still an open-ended arrangement. Anderson Cooper played video of three incidences in the closing days of the campaign in which the candidate praised WikiLeaks, one in which he stated, “I love WikiLeaks.”

They discuss the change of the prosecutorial perspective between the Trump administration and his predecessor, although failing to note that Obama prosecuted twice as many journalists as all of the real presidents which preceded him combined.

 Former Federal Prosecutor Jeffrey Toobin notes that it is illegal to possess classified information if you’re not authorized (unless your name is Clinton, Abedin or Mills), but as a policy matter, the Justice Department has always prosecuted the leakers, the people who gave the classified information, but they have not prosecuted the journalists. Fox News investigative journalist James Rosen would reject that as a patently and demonstrably false statement.

Toobin assesses the means by which they are negotiating the change of posture with regards to WikiLeaks as being one in which they aren’t being given the status of a media organization but are being morphed into a media/espionage hybrid.

Toobin disagrees with the claim by CIA Director Pompeo that because Assange is not a US citizen he is not entitled to First Amendment protections. He believes the strongest case against him is his possession of unauthorized classified materials, the case that they would not prosecute against the turncoat Hillary Clinton and her associates.

Why is President Trump willing to press legal action against Assange, given the beneficial role he played in his election and unwilling to prosecute a profiteering traitor and spy who sold out her country for power and financial windfalls?

Is it a cover to deflect a potential defense by Clinton of selective prosecution that is being prepared in advance of charging her to remove a potential argument for dismissal or appeal? That is likely the only explanation that would pass the smell test for the majority of Trump supporters.

After all, Trump may have him to thank for the presidency, but saving our nation is a much greater debt of gratitude that we the people, in large part, recognize.  Exposing a crook attempting to perpetrate a crime, the theft of your nation, should be praised and celebrated; not prosecuted. Once again it seems there must be more to the story than meets the eye or what we are being told. This isn’t adding up.

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14 Comments on Candidate Trump Loved WikiLeaks In October, Why Is He Targeting Assange As President?

  1. My guess is that Trump knows exactly what he is doing. Hang in there folks, there will be a positive ending.

  2. Because this triangle of evil – CIA, Jeff Sessions, Deep State – gave Trump the same false documents they gave to the Swedish Court, who declared Assange guilty based solely on these reports and refused to allow his lawyer to speak in Court! I have been encouraging everyone to Tweet President Trump and demand he and his administration KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF JULIAN ASSANGE! AG Sessions’ priorities, including marijuana, serve to expose who he really is and whose pockets control him. He’s a despicable traitor. Julian Assange – release everything you’ve got on Sessions, now.

  3. Edie Faylor // April 24, 2017 at 4:30 am // Reply

    Give this guy a medal!

  4. It appears that Trump is reversing himself on some of the things he promised during the campaign.

    If he pushes Ryancare on us, and doesn’t start deporting ALL illegals, I will be done with him. When someone lies to you, even once, for their gain they cannot be trusted since you never know when they will fool/shaft you again.

  5. If it had not been for wikileaks we would not have known about the Hillary server or the Podesta emails. I do not know all of the ends and outs of wikileaks, but I do appreciate them for letting us know about the corruption.

  6. Deplorable Doctor // April 23, 2017 at 9:48 pm // Reply

    Prosecute The Most Evil HildaBeast & give Snowden and Assange Pulitzer Peace Prises!

  7. Deplorable Doctor // April 23, 2017 at 9:45 pm // Reply

    Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are Worldwide HEROS for exposing US Gov CORRUPTION! Praise the Lord for Truth released by these two Righteous Gentlemen!

  8. Kelleigh Nelson // April 23, 2017 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    Assange and Snowden are heroes. Assange helped Trump get elected, and exposed the filth from Hillary’s entire life. Now tell me, why are all three of these men after him? Trump, Sessions, and that filthy Pompeo?

    What’s the back story…

    • Sessions’ priorities – Assange and marijuana – tell me he’s a globalist with something to hide and is in the pockets of Big Pharma. It’s highly likely Sessions and Pompeo both fear what may be in Wikileaks’ files both of them, together with the CIA, want to silence him. When the CIA raided Wikileaks and terrorized its staff, they took knocked out the servers and took only the files on hillary. I believe this axis of evil are working together and Sessions is a traitor to the Trump administration – a global snake who slithered in “bearing gifts.” My only thought is that the CIA presented Trump with the same fabricated documents they gave to the Swedish Court, with regards to Assange, that ruled soley on these false documents and refused to allow his attorney to speak in court. The CIA was hoping to drag Julian here for that. Failing to do so, they are now attempting to “get” him on the first amendment and I am appalled that the MSM is featuring so-called “experts” to saying “technically” Assange can be arrested for that, when in fact, the first amendment does NOT apply to foreigners! It seems that the same members of the Deep State who violate our first amendment, and every other one, on a daily basis are feebly attempting to misuse it for their own purposes. I believe Trump, if indeed he read the documents against Assange, took them at face value. Otherwise, Trump’s recent, uncharacteristic behavior could be a reflection of something even more sinister that threatens him. Sure, I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but in fact, I’m just a plain old conspiracist. There are too many facts for it to be a theory.

  9. Freddie Arthur Hisle // April 23, 2017 at 1:25 pm // Reply

    Killery Rotten KKKlinton should, along with everyone of the o’butholes staff be prosecuted. Leave Assange alone.

  10. By all means arrest Assange because he is not a crook. Only crooks should not be arrested.

  11. Julian Assange did America a Service..

    By exposing the Corruption and Lawlessness of those who were Sworn to protect and Defend the Constitution.
    In my View… He deserves the medal of Freedom.

  12. Trump plays both sides to get a clear angle at the opposition to take out. He has done this repeatedly to win! I would not take it as anything other then a tool he uses to be able to ferret out others in office which are actually the ones he wants, most!

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