Canadian PM Trudeau Asked 18 Times In Parliament About Corruption – Won’t Answer

trudeau lies 18 times

Canada has its own corrupt liberal problem, one that is not unlike the Obama, Clinton model that we dealt with for eight long years and are still fighting the deep state as a result of. The poster boy for their corruption is Justin  Trudeau, who demonstrated the arrogant disregard for the Canadian people that is really without comparison in many ways. He set what surely must be an international record for refusing to answer a simple question with an astounding 18.

Then again, aside from choosing a different tactic, it’s not unlike the lies of Hillary Clinton about her use of a bootleg open to all cyber-thieves server to hide stolen government documents. Her story kept changing as a means of deception. With Trudeau, he keeps refusing to answer the question, a sort of unconstitutional Fifth Amendment where he answers a question that isn’t being asked and refuses to answer the one that is.

The spectacle, which took place on May 10th, involves his trip to what they refer to as “Billionaire Island,” the Bahamian property of billionaire Aga Khan, which is accessible primarily by helicopter. Ethics commissioner Mary Dawson has launched two investigations into Trudeau’s vacation, in which he and his family used the Aga Khan’s private helicopter to fly to and from Nassau. According to the National Post:

“Under the Conflict of Interest Act, the prime minister, cabinet ministers and parliamentary secretaries are prohibited from accepting free travel on charter or private aircraft without getting advance approval from the ethics commissioner.

Public office holders are also prohibited from accepting gifts from anyone who has business dealings with the government, although there are exceptions if the person is a friend.

Trudeau has said the Aga Khan, the billionaire spiritual leader of the world’s Ismaili Muslims, is a family friend he has known since childhood.”

Perhaps that relationship and the free travel and accommodations shed some light, aside from his open border liberalism, sheds some light as to why he’s so anxious to establish a Canadian caliphate. Great vacations can be very persuasive and all he has to do is sellout his country.

The current ethics commissioner’s term expired July 8th. There’s little doubt that this guy is dirty. Being as dirty as either Clinton or Obama might be setting the bar a little beyond reach, but he’s young – and well connected. With this kind of arrogance and disregard for the truth and his countrymen he could still get there.

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