CNN’s Russia Trump Fake News Anchor Melts When Confronted With Truth

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CNN Fake News anchor Alisyn “Alinsky” Camerota asks former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu a question she probably wished she could retract multiple times during the course of his answer and the remainder of the interview, “Is there anything about the Russia investigation connected to the Trump campaign that troubles you?”

The Republican politician replied, “Yeah, the reporting that’s taking place and the exaggeration of veniality.” He notes, “Look, it’s now seven months since the election and to this day, no one has cited a single piece of evidence. In your last session, you guys were patting yourselves on the back because you said Clapper had passed it off, the responsibility off to the FBI. But you forget that in the last weeks of the administration, Obama allowed all of his intelligence agencies to share their information. And there is no question in my mind that when that happened, since Clapper’s group had originated this, that anything the FBI had would have gone back to Clapper.”

Sununu says, “So it’s nice for Clapper to try and wash his hands of it by throwing it in the FBI’s lap, but he had access, in those days, to whatever the FBI had. There is nothing there.

Camerota tries again, saying, “Jared Kushner, meeting with a major Russian banker of a massive bank that has connections to Vladimir Putin, nothing to see there? He turns the tables on her telling the anchor, “Well tell me what you think there is to see there and I’ll comment on it. She tries for the double reversal, with some success, asking, “What do you think would be the motivation?” Sununu says from personal experience that during that ten weeks everybody is trying to meet anybody who will be involved in the incoming administration.

Camerota triggers a booby trap, asking Sununu, “Did you meet with a Russian Banker?”

Flailing and appearing to become irritated that she can’t pin her opponent, Camerota responds to his point by asking Sununu, “And did you meet with a Russian banker when everybody tried to meet with you?” He replied with a chuckle, “No, but I had breakfast with the Vice President at the Russian Embassy and a lot of folks there started talking to me.”

As Camerota explains that she’s trying to take Sununu’s temperature and to gauge his comfort level with all of this, he takes the guesswork out of it for her. He says the only discomfort he has is with folks in the media trying to create a veniality without having the courage to specifically tell him what the veniality that he should be concerned about is. He says, “I have not identified a veniality, have you?” She doesn’t answer that question but says, “Well, you should be concerned if there was collusion.” Sununu sends the ball right back into her court, replying, “I don’t see any evidence of collusion, do you?”

She replies with a defeated, “No,” to which Sununu follows up, “Then that should end your reporting right there. You should put an exclamation point  after your ‘no.'”  She’s floundering and responds with a claim that, seven months into it we’re at the beginning of the investigation.

Sununu asks her how much crow she’s going to be willing to eat if it turns out that his version is correct and hers isn’t. The bias CNN propagandist claims she doesn’t have a version, which he quickly jumps on and finishes her off.  She’d have been better off stepping into the ring against Floyd Mayweather, she’d have emerged less bloody.

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3 Comments on CNN’s Russia Trump Fake News Anchor Melts When Confronted With Truth

  1. Well done, Governor. You were dealing with an alchemist, one trying to make something of value from a journalistic nothing for her masters.

  2. Love this governor with so much common sense!

  3. Sununu said: “But you forget that in the last weeks of the administration, Obama allowed all of his intelligence agencies to share their information.”

    Does anyone know if Trump has issued an EO to rescind the Obama action? Or, is the intelligence still being shared widely?

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