California Officials Full Of Themselves Vs Trump, Wakeup Call Coming

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California is the largest concentration of Democrat politicians in the nation, which makes it simultaneously the most lawless and subversive, obstructionist collection of miscreants as well. While the state has a large Hispanic population, that does not immediately translate into law-breaking illegals, although many of them are and much of the political power structure is built upon maintaining them as a constituency.

According to the Hill, California is preparing for battle, to fight the Trump administration in every way possible until they can return a corrupt Democrat to the White House, hopefully without too many people realizing how good things could be if they’d just cooperate and quite trying to throw a monkey wrench into sensible policies.

Leading in that regard is Alex Padilla, California’s Secretary of State, who said, “California can and will continue to lead on policy. What policies does California lead on, Padilla, aside from those, such as sanctuary cities which are illegal and should have you and you ilk locked up on felony charges?

Outgoing Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA), was appointed earlier this month to succeed Sen-elect Kamala Harris as state attorney general, and will lead the local charge in California’s immigration fight. He’s vowed to use the courts and State legislature to tie up the Trump agenda. That makes him an excellent subject for a test case in sanctuary criminal prosecution, that of the culpable corrupt politician responsible as an accessory or co-defendant to the crime.

He told the Hill, “My sense is we’re not going to stop being California. We’ve got a very progressive group of leaders from Governor Brown, to our state legislative leaders [State Assembly Speaker] Anthony Rendon, to [State Senate President] Kevin de Leon.” Prison’s a great place for all of them.

The hall of shame includes mayors such as potential cellmate for Becerra, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has been adamant in keeping L.A. as a “sanctuary” city.

Becerra is threatening the infamous Holder, Kerry, Obama, Clinton style slow walk rope-a-dope. He said, “We’re gonna move, so long as we do things according to the U.S. and California constitutions, we’re gonna move. I think what makes it an interesting or changing dynamic is if someone tries to stop us from doing what we’re by law allowed to do.” That’s certainly a two-way street boys.

What Becerra and his fellow anti-American agitators may not yet realize is that there’s no corresponding foot-dragging coming from the Trump side of the equation. They’ll either comply with the law or they’ll be answering in court. This is going to be quite entertaining.

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7 Comments on California Officials Full Of Themselves Vs Trump, Wakeup Call Coming

  1. Thanks Rick. I really hope I Can leave here. I really wonder how Trumps Administration is going to help CA? It will be a fight of its own. Putting a few away would be a good start. I use to Love this Place. Really has changed, gone down hill bad this last 10 yrs. To old for this! Most all my Drs are in Sacramento! I hate going near the place. I all the way up North. Yep, most prepares around here , all armed & watchful where I am at. Militia is in my town. I just want American back. I am afraid, every Liberal, Illegals, Muslim Radicals will be flooding CA NOW! Already Horrible. Don’t know how I will do it, but might be time to sell! Originally from San Jose , Came here 25 yrs ago, for peace, kids, country, hoping for a better life.

  2. Eldon Andersebn // December 25, 2016 at 2:26 am // Reply

    We need to shut off all Federal Funds!!!!! IMMEDIATLY! !!!!!

    • ABSOLUTELY! Certainly the right place to start! These ego driven lawless Elitist here, have made Comments they don’t need the money! Seems they think they Benefit all the other States. When you read about there Cal-exit deal, “they say they can do fine on there own”! Legally though they are breaking the Constitution, forcing Every Patriot American stuck here to live in there Commie NWO HELL! They should have to Legally Place every Citizen then who does not want to be under there Rule.

  3. Nothing would be better Rick to see the hole bunch of these Criminals locked up. Dictator Brown is a Clone of Obama calling all the shots and making his own laws. I am stuck in this hellhole, and with all my fight this last year, praying for a Trump Victory, you feel like none of it is going to make a difference in this Commie Country of California! Been quite disappointed now that it is over, realizing the Hate for CALIFORNIA. What is disturbing is how many Republicans have been ruthless with Comments about the State of CA, Generalizing it. Keep Ca out of the Wall, hope Calexit works. The land of the nuts,fruit Ect. You get my picture, but believe me, it is a sense of betrayal to all the Republicans living here. And millions. It was a predetermined State to the Democrats , so no fight! No recall on the Votes, which let them get away with Major Fraud. This of Course came to light over the popular vote, knowing Trump won that minus the Fraud. Many where shouting for a recount. There is no other way to feel , when your in the fight for our Country in a whole, then been left out to dry after the fact, that your state can go to Hell! I seen where they said many Republicans didn’t vote in Ca, because they know it is a Democrat State. If people don’t Vote they can’t make a difference. The negative from so many also makes you feel why bother if you live here. I constantly reminded people, they should not group people by States, (reminded me oh how cut throat Democrats act, only concerned about themselves)but there is both in all States. Reminded them of the Whole Obama, HRC, DNC Whole bunch of them what a Lawless ,Corrupt Bunch they are & that is Why we all fighting. Why we voted Trump! Been quite Depressed though trying to grasp the Reality, is this going to make any difference for CA? Or am I stuck in a Crime infested State, over run by Illegals, drugs, which has felt like a third world Country for sometime! Middle class doesn’t exist here, Cost of living is outrageous, and white people are the Minority here without a doubt. It is such a Lawless State in ever way imaginable, from the governor, senator, representatives, to the court system, medical,all of it! . It is NWO already. They get away with so much Corruption here. Love to move from here but that can be easier said then done. Being a Senior, disabled makes it not likely. Refreshing to see Trumps Agenda might just set some of these Lawless Crimminals in CA right into the big house! They can join there Illegal Crimminals bunch when Trump rounds them all up.

    • You’re going to need a purge of epic proportions, down to the local levels and that may not be enough, and I sympathize with you, Maxine, there I some great parts of California, as a Nevadan I’m very familiar with your state. It’s a mess but just a more advanced condition of what we’d all have if allowed to deteriorate unchecked. It needs to be ground zero, and more than a few officials locked up, that’s an opportunity, of sorts too. It’s a beautiful state from one end to the other (minus Sacramento) and like you say it’s already NWO – the logical place for the fight to start, there’s lots of good folks there who are getting prepared, I’d be trying to meet a few of them locally, make sure they know me.

      • Hey Rick, Did you see the FRAUD there in Nevada! Supposedly Trump won it! Should be Red. I have been thinking Arizona. Not sure about the heat. Hot here (gets pretty bad) but understand Arizona worst. Problem for me is Weather Conditions with my health. Ca is pretty Ideal I can’t take extreme heat or extreme cold. I have CF, autoimmune and it has affected my over all health. Now Genetic DRS Want me to go to the Rare Disease Program. So I am in a hard place. Sure I would have already of left and never looked back! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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