Calif Senator Smears Trump, Sessions, Shaw – Whose Son Was Killed By Calif Policies

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Pro-invasion anti-American scumbag and California State Senate Leader Kevin De Leon is attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump in what has now become their disgusting default argument of white supremacy and racism. Not rolling over to invading conquerors, squatters and thieves is racist, according to the bigoted anti-white, anti-American trash making the assertions.

Jamiel Shaw, whose son Jamiel Jr. was killed in 2008 by an illegal immigrant released from jail that same day, who ICE had issued a detainer for that was not honored, says he feels disrespected by the statements of De Leon. He says, “It’s always like he wants to demean the victims by calling us racists or like I’m a skinhead or a white supremacist, you know, instead of just saying we’re pissed off parents. You know, we miss our kids, we loved our kids, and they want to act like our kids were never born, they just never existed. It’s not fair.”

Abby Huntsman clarifies, “So it’s not about white supremacy,” an obviously ridiculous question to which Shaw replies, “Of course not, he knows it’s not. They’re just using that as the new stop sign. Instead of having the red stop sign they just say, ‘you’re a racist’ or  ‘you’re a white supremacist’ see, or something like that. People automatically don’t want to be called that so they sort of cower.”

He asks, “But what about me? I’m a black man. My son was murdered by an illegal alien from Mexico.” She asks what people on the other side of the debate are missing. Shaw says, “They’re missing the fact that just because you were brought up here by no fault of your own. My son was murdered by a dreamer, someone who was brought over when he was three years old.”

Shaw makes the point, “But he didn’t stay three years old. He was nineteen, he was on his third gun charge. I haven’t heard Kevin De Leon say anything bad about an illegal alien on his third gun charge, in jail for battery on a peace officer, assault with a deadly weapon, and then they release him instead of calling ICE?” And then the same day that he gets out he murders my son. Why doesn’t he think that’s bad? Why does he not care about Americans, you know, we love our kids too.”

Huntsman gives Mr. Shaw a chance to give Kevin De Leon a piece of his mind, asking what he would say to him if they came face to face. Shaw asks, “What would you do, Kevin De Leon, if someone murdered your son, your husband, your wife, you know, your grandkids? I guarantee you he wouldn’t be acting the same way, because he would know what it feels like.”

Shaw explains, “See, right now, he’s hiding behind he doesn’t know what it’s like, and that’s good, you shouldn’t know what it’s like. I don’t want to know what it’s like. But I know what it’s like and I guarantee you he wouldn’t be acting the same way. He would be more sympathetic to the victims and not just to illegal alien criminals. These are criminals who are in the county jails and in the state prisons and he wants to protect them. What about us? Where’s my son’s sanctuary?”

Mr. Shaw is clearly a good man in a lot of pain, who is being too generous with his depictions of the motives of De Leon. He’s an open borders globalist tool who is himself a brown supremacist engaged in the takeover of America. We’re the enemy and killing the enemy is part of war. His and the Democrats’ foot soldiers are the illegal aliens. He feels no empathy for Mr. Shaw. What happened to him and his son is exactly what they intend to have happen, over and over again.

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2 Comments on Calif Senator Smears Trump, Sessions, Shaw – Whose Son Was Killed By Calif Policies

  1. We need a new form of argument to thwart the left brutal claims of racist whitee. One will never stop our call appealing to moral concepts. They are a lock-step army who make money by their Nazi/communist slogans. If they concede to moral speak they will be cut off from their
    money tree. This black man with a french name knows he would likely be murdered if he reverses his feloneous march in public.Rule one should be to stop appealing to their moral code when there is none.Rule two make better planning in advance on how to stop their violent assaults on us Whitee

  2. Deplorable Doctor // April 24, 2017 at 11:40 am // Reply

    Jamiel Shaw is one very wise and understanding American! Praise the Lord for the Role-model behavior of Mr. Shaw.

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