“Cajun John Wayne” Rep Higgins Again Controversial For Stance Against Terrorist Thugs, Defending USA


Rep. Clay Higgins, (R-LA) gained fame as a straight-talking tough guy, St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Deputy in their crime stoppers video series. It was that straight talk that earned him the title of the “Cajun John Wayne,” and which ultimately led to his stepping down from that role and his job.

In February of 2016, then Capt. Clay Higgins resigned on the steps of the St. Landry Parish Courthouse, saying he was not forced to resign but felt obligated to. His comments labeling thug members of the “Gremlins” street gang as “animals” and “heathens,” as well as challenging them personally and mocking one of the punks for his small stature contributed to the pressure against him.

On Sunday Higgins, now a US Congressman, wrote a response to the Islamic terrorist attack in London that has again ruffled the feathers of those who put political correctness above what’s right and our security.  He chose similar language on Sunday to that of 2016, referring to the evil doers as heathens and animals. Rep Higgins wrote:

“The free world… all of Christendom… is at war with Islamic horror. Not one penny of American treasure should be granted to any nation who harbors these heathen animals. Not a single radicalized Islamic suspect should be granted any measure of quarter. Their intended entry to the American homeland should be summarily denied. Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them down. Hunt them, identify them, and kill them. Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all. – Captain Clay Higgins”

Lafayette, LA ABC affiliate KATC contacted Rep Higgins for clarification and received the following statement in response:

“We are a world at war. The enemy is radicalized Islamic jihadists. The terrorists certainly take advantage of the politically correct madness that consumes the West. They revel, that many in the western world are frightened to speak freely. I’ve never been accused of being politically correct. I call things the way I see them. The meaning of candid speech is frequently mischaracterized or misunderstood. This is about prioritizing national security and protecting American lives. Every measure must be taken to eliminate radical Islamic terrorism and the threat it poses to the free world. My only concern is protecting the people that live in my district, my state, and my country. We must stand strong against radical Islamic terror. The fate of the free world will be determined by the courageous, not by the intimidated.”

That language is consistent with the 2016 crime stoppers video posted below which was instrumental in empowering the criminal advocates and anti-American leftists to organize opposition sufficient to result in his resignation. Speaking the truth is dangerous in today’s world. His comments given at his resignation from the Sheriff’s Department are below, indicative of his character and how he views the world. An honest, straight-talking man of the people won’t fit in well in Washington. President Trump has demonstrated that vividly.

Higgins said in 2016, “I will not kneel to violent street gangs. I will not kneel to murderers or the parents that raised them. I will not kneel to a discredited, wanna-be, black activist that doesn’t really have the best interest of his people in mind, who just wants to make a profit. I will not kneel to bureaucrats in Baton Rouge, Washington or anywhere else who have forgotten why they wear a badge and who have forgotten who they serve.”

It’s a safe bet he likewise won’t kneel to Islamic terror or to the pantywaist Speaker, Paul Ryan.

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4 Comments on “Cajun John Wayne” Rep Higgins Again Controversial For Stance Against Terrorist Thugs, Defending USA

  1. I love this guy!!!

  2. Unfortunately, most of the voters have yet to grow “a set”.

  3. A good man that many should follow. I believe as he does and we all should be as outspoken if we are to save our country and our world from the radical islamists and the globalists. We should not live in fear of the left. They should live in fear from us. Many are stepping up but more need to. Down with the so-called politically correct anti-Americans.

  4. This is a refreshing to know that there are men in Washington who have “a set”. Trump and Higgins so far are the only ones I have heard denounce “political correctness”. I can only remember when the left had men who didn’t cry “FOUL” when they felt something was amiss with a presidential order. The left and right worked it out together, not divided and they ALL were true Americans. Demonstrators didn’t wear masks when the demonstrated (So mommy and daddy don’t kick them out of their basement if they are caught demonstrating) and judges didn’t block orders from the president that would actually protect America and Americans alike from terrorist attacks. After 8 years of a panty-waste president, who his own generals called him a “pussy”, has left this country in a bad state of affairs all the way around. The elected officials no longer work for the people who elected them, they work for themselves and which ever corporation throws them the best monetary “support/gain”. “We the People” need to wake up and vote these asses out of office and replace them with men and/or women who are not politically correct and will take a stand FOR America and Americans!

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