CAIR Condemns Trump Islamophobes And White Supremacists For Travel Ban

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CAIR isn’t taking the obstruction of open terrorist importation into the United States of their like-minded jihadists from six top jihadi-producing nations in the Middle East lightly. They’re also upset that their recruiting mechanism, both for their ideology and actual attacks, the abuse of the refugee program, has once again been suspended. It’s going to be tougher for them to build their caliphate if they have to rely upon conversion and breeding alone.

On Monday the group blamed the infidels responsible in advance of any expected lawsuits to force their way into control of the United States. They’re so grateful that we were naive enough to allow Hussein Obama and his predecessors to up increase their population in the United States that they have become emboldened to demand that it continue and expand. It’s their country, apparently, and they’ll decide who comes in and what role Sharia Law plays.

CAIR national executive director Nihad Awad criticizes the President and his team for once again acting to keep out the bad people for whom CAIR is attempting to pave the way. The appropriately named Awad said, “The driving force behind this Muslim ban” although he knows it’s not a Muslim ban. It serves his objectives to mischaracterize it as such, so he lies, no problem, the message is directed at infidels. He continued, “are the Islamophobes and the white supremacists employed by the Trump administration.”

They’re not afraid of you, Awad, they are concerned with your barbarian tendencies and the disregard for life that many of your kind possess. You’re also not prone to assimilation and your culture is quite different, as you well know. Yours is an invasion and they are resisting. The Americans of the 1940s weren’t Naziphobes, but they knew who their enemy was and acted accordingly.

He then goes on to name names, saying, “including Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon, and Stephen Miller.” Give those boys a raise, President Trump, they’re obviously doing something right. He continues, saying, “This order is just a preview anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant policy proposals being [inaudible due to thick accent, coughing and background noise] for President Trump by his Islamophobic advisers.”

You know, Awad, with all that Arab terrorist money you clowns get into your coffers, it would seem like you could invest in a halfway decent sound system. You’re hard enough for us infidels to understand to begin with, invest a little of that blood money in some speakers, and a good microphone. Just a friendly suggestion, from a peace loving infidel to you argumentative, demanding, entitled and often violent proponents of the a “religion of peace.”

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