CA State Senator Removed For Comments About Hanoi Jane Fonda’s Dead Husband

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Most folks who don’t live in California probably aren’t aware that Hanoi Jane Fonda’s libtard activist husband, Tom Hayden, was a State Senator. Even fewer probably cared, as he and his wife were not highly regarded by much of America, particularly beyond the California borders.

One who doesn’t share the Democrat hero worship for the recently deceased communist sympathizer is State Senator Janet Nguyen, a Republican representing Garden Grove. She attempted to speak her mind in response to the glowing description of the late Senator, and was denied that opportunity. Not only was she denied but she was warned that if she attempted to voice an opposing view to the hero treatment that someone who supported the enemy of the United States had received, she’d be removed.

Senator Nguyen attempted to speak despite the warning and the Democrats did exactly as they promised, removing her and preventing her from speaking, at least from speaking in English. There was an issue with the timing of her efforts, say the Democrats, claiming she should have said her piece two days earlier while he was being eulogized.

Her comments came during the adjourn-in-memory portion of the Senate floor session. That’s a time set aside for tributes. Nguyen first made her comments in Vietnamese, but once she attempted to repeat them in English she was cut off and the sergeant-at-arms escorted her out.

Nguyen said, “Members, today I recognize in memory the millions of Vietnamese and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese refugees who died in seeking for freedom and democracy,” she said. “On Tuesday, you had an opportunity to honor Sen. Tom Hayden. With all due respect, I would like to offer this historical perspective …”

She said, “He sided with the communist government that enslaved and killed millions of Vietnamese, including my family.” Without U.S. support for South Vietnam, “I wouldn’t be here today. I would be dead.”

Senator Nguyen is a Vietnamese refugee who represents a large Vietnamese community in Orange County. She said she was shaken up and “quite upset” at being removed by the Democrats, two days after the Senate memorialized Hayden. In 1974 Hayden travelled with his wife, Hanoi Jane Fonda, to North Vietnam.

Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller said, “I’m enraged at the violation to free speech, our Constitution and the precedent this sets. She asked to be reassured that there would be no retribution against the Senator for what took place.

Senator Nguyen had been denied permission to speak but she believed that was improperly ruled and felt strongly about the issue of the Senate honoring a traitor who collaborated with the enemy who killed her family members and millions of her countrymen.

The liberal Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León said later that he was “greatly unsettled (by) what took place on the floor.” LIbtard de Leon is always greatly unsettled by anything that goes against the Marxist Democrat agenda, one which mirrors the North Vietnamese that their dear Senator Hayden was so enamored with. Hayden and Kerry are the type of people Democrats consider heroes; Traitors. Just as they don’t care about the family members of Americans killed by illegal aliens, honoring those who killed Nguyen’s family is not only acceptable, they won’t allow her to object. California Democrats are evil.





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3 Comments on CA State Senator Removed For Comments About Hanoi Jane Fonda’s Dead Husband

  1. Sad but now I think that to rid Kalifornia of the “K” and return to “C”, it will first have to slide into the ocean to be cleansed?

  2. Dr. Deplorable // February 26, 2017 at 9:12 pm // Reply

    Praise the Lord for Senator Janet Nguyen.

  3. Senator Nguyen, is a true American hero. Know this senator Nguyen, the demoratic party’s days are numbered. This parties ideology is not what America’s ideology or what it was founded upon and therefore needs to be banned from our government. The Demoratic Party dose not and has not ever looked out for the American people, if we look at historical records.I has been shown time and time again. America needs to remove any and all parties in government that do not represent the American people , both rich or poor.

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