Busted! – Tucker Carlson Exposes, Mocks “Demand Protest” Hoax Live On-Air

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Tucker Carlson completely broadsides the fraudster who is behind the “Demand Protest” scam, hanging him out to dry on national television. Demand Protest presented itself as a provider of actors posing as protesters for thuggish disruptions of the type that have become commonplace at Trump rallies during the campaign and at the inauguration.

The same type of misconduct that they profess to organize and provide was also observed being committed by Black Lives Matter before they recently went dark. That may have been intentional, to advertise this group and allow them to become the face of agitation, removing that well-deserved recognition from the Democrats and George Soros and his Open Society front organizations, including Black Lives Matter. They were all recently exposed by Project Veritas so an effort to shift the blame would not unexpected.

Carlson notes that Demand Protest has been advertising in twenty cities for “protesters” and quotes their generous pay arrangements. He invites the individual behind the scam, Dom Tullipso, their Director of Operations onto his program. Carlson starts out the interview by saying, “So this is a sham, your company isn’t real, your website is fake, the claims you have made are lies, this is a hoax. Let me start at the beginning, however, with your name, Dom Tullipso, which is not your real name. It’s a fake name, we ran you through law enforcement-level background checks and that name does not exist.”

Tucker says, “So let’s start out with the truth, tell me what your real name is.” The scammer, still apparently hoping to pull it off, responds, “It’s Dominic Tullipso, the ‘L’s are silent.” Tucker replies, “That’s a lie and you know it’s a lie and we asked you for ID at the Los Angeles bureau and you said you didn’t have ID with you. But doubtless you have a wallet on you, every grown man does,” asking him to hold up any piece of documentation with that name on it, “and you can’t because that’s not your real name.”

Tullipso still continues “in character” for a bit longer, saying, “Sure, sure, absolutely I’ll do that in just a moment,” although he never does and Carlson doesn’t expect it. He asks, “What’s the point of the ruse that you’re perpetuating on the American news media? As he attempts to lie his way out of it Carlson catches Tullipso in several new lies, including a change of focus away from targeting Donald Trump and towards the “real protesters.”

Tullipso says they’re doing what they do in support of “national treasures such as Julian Assange (Australian, not American), Edward Snowden, and Payton Manning (a former NFL quarterback) and stating that his current client is interested in getting the Roswell papers released. Obviously Tullipso has no idea that the person he supposedly supports is Bradley or Chelsea Manning, not the NFL legend. As he cracks up, Carlson asks, “Really, so you’re pretty supportive of Payton Manning, are you?” Tullipso replies, “Extremely.”

He finally seems to recognize that the jig is up towards the end of the interview, particularly when Carlson asks him “one last question,” Columbo style.


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