Bush Avoided Obama For 8 Years, Took 1 Month To Join Lauer In Attack On Trump

george bush


Those who saw the chummy relationship between George W. Bush and Hussein Obama as odd or suspicious and Bush’s insistence on not-commenting on the way his Democrat successor conducted the affairs of the United States as an unusual display of statesmanship and restraint will notice a stark contrast when it comes to his willingness to attack President Trump.

Sure, that was supposed to be Jeb’s job, we all understand there are hard feelings. The establishment dynasty was supposed to have been served it’s next heaping helping of Bush, and when the upstart Trump got in the way and campaigned circles around Jeb, that led to some hard feelings.

Obama worked for and through his OFA and George Soros continues to serve at the pleasure of the globalists just as the “new world order” Bushes have always done. Their subversion goes all the way back to Prescott Bush, the Nazi banker. He never turned away from the embrace of the fascism that made the family rich and powerful. That was the means to that end and it remains that way today. Call it the establishment, globalists, fascists, the UN cabal, it’s all the same. The letters behind the names of their operatives aren’t really an “R” or “D”, they’re NWO.

In a complete reversal of his supposed belief in a respect for the office, George W. Bush gave an interview to leftist propagandist Matt Lauer. In that sit down Bush delivered some back handed swipes at the current President, being careful not to be too obvious or directly vicious. Aside from pitching his book, he’s providing cover and adding to the chorus of establishment elites who want their power back. That was the purpose of the interview, there could be no other reason for either of the globalist tools to offer up their performance.

Bush plays the role of the measured, non-hostile and objective former chief executive as he leads Lauer into the first staged question, that of President Trump’s battle with the propaganda media. Somehow Bush arrives at the conclusion that because there are more media outlets now, it’s more difficult to unify the country. That alternatives to the three main establishment outlets are complicating matters and the simple times of being controlled and lied to by the big three were better.

Lauer asks the scripted money question for his assault on the President, saying, “Did you ever consider the media to be the enemy of the American people?” Bush replied, “I consider [present tense] the media to be indispensable to democracy. We need an independent media to hold people like me [global fascists] to account. Power can be very addictive, it can be corrosive and it’s important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power.” That line of BS breaks down completely when it’s the media doing the abusing. President Trump is currently doing his best to hold them accountable for their flagrant abuses and being vilified on many fronts, including the Bush interview, for doing so. Was Bush admitting in his comments that he abused his power?

Why was Bush not speaking out about the multitude of abuses and failures to respect the Constitution that took place over the last eight years? Because it was his comrade committing the violations, not the guy who represents an end to their private party.

Bush is there for two reasons, to diminish President Trump in general, as he steadfastly refused to do to Hussein Obama, and to continue the Russia propaganda that was mimicked by Lauer’s comrades on Sunday shows. The Democrat Party operatives trolled Republicans at least twice for calls for a special prosecutor, to no avail.

He mentions, again, so conveniently, Vladimir Putin as he makes the statement to the effect of it being hard to tell others to have a free press when we’re not willing to have one ourselves. A free press is a great thing. A CFR monopoly on the press that has created an establishment propaganda tool is very dangerous. It is the opposite of a free press and that’s something both of the shills on the video are well aware of. They’re not about freedom in any regard. They’re all about continuing the charade as the elite consolidates their power and destroy our Constitution and our republic.

It’s all choreographed, Bush and Lauer are doing their part to depict President Trump as the boogeyman. We the people will not be allowed to have control of our government and it will not remain our government if these two and those they serve get their way. The kinder, gentler grandpa Bush is a nice, sappy touch. It might have fooled some but it didn’t fool those of us who are awake. We see right through both of them.

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