Buchanan – MUELLER Witch Hunt Will HARASS Trump, Force SHOWDOWN Like NIXON

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Hannity asks Pat Buchanan if he’s “ever seen it this bad, the media this abusively biased and corrupt?” Buchanan replies, “This is as bad as it was in the final days of Watergate with Richard Nixon. The tremendous overt hostility of the press, the media.”

He says, “Many of those press conferences of Nixon looked like things in a Roman forum. And I think the real problem here is the President senses that the media are the enemy and I think the media, undeniably, if you watch all three networks…are as hostile to this President as I’ve seen to any candidate or President in my lifetime.”

Hannity asks, “So what does he do, Pat? I mean you’ve been there, you know how hard it is inside that house, and you see the media acting this way. What do you do?”

Buchanan replies, “Well, I’ll tell you what’s coming and I think the President senses, we see with regard to Mueller and the special counsel, the President senses these folks are coming after him. I believe they are, they’re coming after his campaign I think they’re coming after his family, they’re coming after him.

He continues, “They’ve got investigators and prosecutors who are really steeped in white collar crime and the rest of it. What is going to happen, Sean, is this. Mr. Mueller’s going to make demands after demand after demand. He’s going to get some of them and then the President, I believe, is going to say ‘no more,’ which is what happened in Watergate in the Saturday night massacre.”

“I think there’s a real collision coming,” he says, “between Mueller and the President of the United States.” Hannity points to the many conflicts of interest as if Buchanan needed convincing or he had some power to intervene.” Buchanan says, “Sean, Archie Cox was a Kennedy man, Teddy Kennedy was at his swearing in. Seven of the first eleven guys he hired were ex-Kennedy McGovern staffers and aides.”

He says, “I agree with you. I do think the special counsel’s office is targeting the President. I think they’re going to go on and on and roll over one rock after another after another until the President says ‘I’ve had enough.’ And then we are right on the road, a familiar one to me, to the Saturday night massacre.” Hannity asks if he’s saying President Trump could be impeached.

“What I’m saying is I think he’s going to have a confrontation with Mueller. However,” Buchanan says, “I don’t think the President of the United States, he doesn’t have the authority to fire him, the Deputy Attorney General does, he would not do that.  The Attorney General’s recused himself. I think he can get somebody to fire him if it comes down to that.”

“But let me tell you, during the Saturday night massacre we tried to shut down the special prosecutor’s office and they revived it and they got Jaworski, a new special prosecutor.” Buchanan says the Trump DOJ “should never have appointed the special prosecutor. That is a machine that’s established that grows, it’s lethal, it tends to become unfriendly and it comes right at the White House and the West Wing inevitably.

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6 Comments on Buchanan – MUELLER Witch Hunt Will HARASS Trump, Force SHOWDOWN Like NIXON

  1. I am still wondering why patriots like Buchanon are not in the cabinet or advisors to President Trump. There are way too many globalists, almost all of them, working against his agenda.

  2. The President’s lawyers are investigating Mueller. Maybe they can find something. And it’s just possible that there might be a few good FBI agents willing to “spill” on Mueller and Comey. I hope the lawyers check with them. If we could find them, they might be able to take Mueller and Comey out. I’m trying to think of something that will work. Praying all the time.

  3. Deplorable Doctor // July 22, 2017 at 7:41 pm // Reply

    Pat Buchanan is a very wise Christian! Fire Mueller!

  4. Sessions should never have recused himself. Might have been the worst error of the administration.

    • if he resigns, and in the interim is it possible that, if rodentstein isn’t fired, trump could name someone else as acting AG, a subordinate that isn’t part of the deep state, to fire Mueller, eliminating the pressure on the new appointee that would certainly be made to state their position on Mueller as a condition for a yes vote? If there’s already an acting AG who isn’t in the democrat tank, they lose their upper hand.

      • I don’t believe Trump has any choice but to inherit the rodent as acting AG if Session were to resign. And, if we think about it rationally, Trump will be much better off with Sessions as AG because it would be almost impossible to get someone better suited into the job.

        It appears the White House might be on a bent towards discrediting Mueller and his team. If they can build a strong enough case, it is possible that AG Sessions could fire him “for cause”. However, the “cause” would have to be totally unrelated to the Trump campaign. Might Mueller’s administration of the “Special Counsel” be corrupt enough to provide the “cause”?

        Alternatively, I believe Trump could fire the rodent for mismanagement of the Special Counsel and then a strong argument could be made for Sessions to shut down the Special Counsel. Here’s a link to the law: https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/28/600.7

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