Bros4Hillary Writer Smears Trump As Russian Agent – Is He Iranian MB?

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Tucker Carlson invited a libtard writer for the Huffington Post who wrote an article that was published on Sunday detailing how and why Hillary Clinton was supposedly more legitimate as president than the real President-elect. He also accused Mr. Trump and his incoming administration of the now familiar Russian connection but took it to new levels, quoting a Lyndon LaRouche publication, Executive Intelligence Review, from thirty years ago as supposed proof of Trump being a Russian agent.

Alex Mohajer, the writer, stated the basis for his arguments as the popular vote totals of Hillary Clinton, without factoring out the illegals who voted, particularly in his state of California, or including the constitutionally mandated Electoral College votes. He also regurgitated the worn out Russian hacking claims and threw some blame at FBI Director Comey as intentionally impacting the election with his notice to Congress.

Carlson agrees that “being under FBI investigation doesn’t help.” In the course of the interview Mohajer admits to being aware of the LaRouche connection to his source for one of his bullet points, the one that states that Trump was recruited as a Russian agent. Carlson asks, “Why didn’t you just go pick a Scientology pamphlet or Heaven’s Gate or something, do you really think that’s a legitimate news source?”

Mohajer restates his position, that since 1987, Donald Trump has been taking all-expense paid trips to Russia, on the expense of the Russian government and then claims to the United States populace that he has no relationship with Russia, that he has no relationship with Russia.” Carlson corrects him, stating he just finished reading his piece ten minutes earlier and that isn’t what he said. The libtard suggests he declines when Carlson offers to read it to him.

Carlson has a good time allowing Mohajer to embarrass himself on national television before he finally has had enough of the pointless, what he terms as “stupid” arguments and cuts the feed. Mohajer is in the process of making his most inane face-saving argument at the time he’s cut, that he’s frustrated by a lack of willingness to look and talk beyond politics in their conversations. Carlson just has to laugh at that one, noting that Mohajer is also a political operative for the Democrats.

The following excerpt can be found in the footer of articles at the brothers for America. “Alex Mohajer is the Founder of Bros4America. He formerly served as the Political Director of Bros4Hillary.” Additionally, he is listed as “Alex Mohajer, Political Director and Editor-in-Chief of BrosBlog.” What it doesn’t say is the basis for the common denominator, the use of the term “bros” for brothers. Is it a reference to the Muslim Brotherhood? He’s not black, they’re about the only two groups that use that term, outside of Christian churches. Maybe he’s involved with Baptists for Clinton; maybe not.

Mohajer is a common surname in Iran.

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