Brooks – Congressman Running For Sessions Senate Seat – Fund, Build The Wall

mo brooks

We remember when RINO Senator John McCain tricked many Arizonans into voting for him in the 2010 election, on a promise that he would complete the border fence. In the infamous television commercial that ran at the time, a complicit or completely duped Sheriff Paul Babeu declaring “Senator, you’re one of us.” No Sheriff, McCain is most definitely not one of us.

Now it’s 2017 and history is mimicking itself, but with a much more honorable man making the claim. Although Rep Mo Brooks is a serving Congressman, which could in some ways count as a strike against him, he’s generally regarded as one of the more honest and conservative members. Brooks has the support of Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows. They are voices with whom most patriots are in tune.

Brooks has some competition for the seat though he is clearly the pro-Trump candidate in the field, having worked closely with Sessions in the past on legislation consistent with Trump values. The other two candidates are Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore and the current holder of the seat by appointment, Senator Luther Strange (R-AL). Strange was appointed by the now former governor Robert Bentley, who left office under an ethics cloud.

Strange is an anti-trump Republican, with a team and allies of that political persuasion. While the Strange campaign has been falsely portraying Brooks as being anti-Trump, that will likely blow up in their faces. Alabama voters pay attention to things like that. Brooks made this including President Trump calling for the wall among other demonstrations of his support for the President, including donating to his campaign.

This video is the opposite of the John McCain situation, in which a RINO turned into a phony security-centric Republican just long enough to get voted into office and then became a pro-amnesty member of the gang of eight. This time around there’s a Congressman with a real record of border security seeking to further that agenda in conjunction with the President. He’s not just calling for it to be done, but pledging a filibuster and other measures to draw attention to the RINOs who refuse to support the President.

That will likely include the old RINO from the first video, John McCain, who has never strayed from his fondness of open borders and liberalism since his reelection. Brooks is nothing like McCain – and that’s the strongest endorsement one can get as a candidate for US Senate. He’s says he’s serious, giving his word, something he insists he doesn’t do lightly.

We need Senators who will build the Wall and equally important, who will support the President. Strange has already demonstrated he’s not the guy for the job. We’ve got a wall to build.

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3 Comments on Brooks – Congressman Running For Sessions Senate Seat – Fund, Build The Wall

  1. Brooks or Moore will be my choice. Big Luther would be another RINO bowing to the biggest bidder.

  2. Deplorable Doctor // July 10, 2017 at 7:53 pm // Reply

    Real Americans must get behind The Most Honorable Mo Brooks for Senator of AL!

  3. Congressional elections are coming up. Appreciate all the information we can get on the candidates. Need new name because neither I nor anybody I know intends to re-elect almost all of the present members of congress, especially the Senate republicans – all neo-con rinos.

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