Hillary Clinton has been taking a lot of tumbles over the past few years, resulting in an excessive number of broken bones, including a wrist and perhaps, her back…

hillary clinton back brace

With Hillary Clinton we’re only supposed to know what she wants us to know, which isn’t much. It’s quite understandable for a public parasite, espionage criminal and racketeer who has as much to hide and protect as she does. But there are a lot of cameras for her to hide from and sometimes her secrets leak out.

She raised health questions with odd seizures and medical issues during the campaign and with her recent incidences with a broken toe in London and her broken wrist and near double tumble down some stairs in India.

There’s all that help she’s required in getting in and out of vehicles [those that she doesn’t fall into] both from mechanical devices and attendants, as well as her difficulty climbing stairs that has been documented. We remember what looked like a catheter running down the leg of her pantsuit during the campaign. All of it was dismissed as nothing significant with sometimes obviously lame excuses.

So what is this that is now showing up on Clinton’s back these days? She’s been noted as being dressed too warmly for the conditions, which could be a possible means of attempting to disguise the fact that she’s wearing a back brace or other device.

There’s also the issue of her abnormally upright posture during seated events. Clinton is notorious for lounging lazily when she’s cackling and chit-chatting for the fools  who wasted their money to see her in person. Lately she’s sitting overly upright – nothing is naturally upright or proper about Hillary Clinton.

She won’t mention it, likely won’t say a word. She’s too busy explaining how she was robbed of her right to rule over us to bother with what seems to be a serious problem she has with brittle bones. The Mayo Clinic website says that osteoporosis can cause bones to be so brittle that they can be broken even by coughing.

hillary clinton    hillary clinton

We already know Hillary Clinton to be one of the most prolific coughers in the country. They also note that fractures for those with osteoporosis frequently occur in the hip, wrist or spine. Two out of three ain’t good, eh Hillary? It’s a good thing for her she had people stationed in India to catch her or she might have scored the complete hat trick.

Then again maybe she returned to her first love of shoplifting, moving up to place mats and trays from her old White House silverware days. Or perhaps it’s a bullet proof vest. With her record it’s understandable that she would feel it might be a good idea. There are a lot of bodies in her wake and powerful people who might be uncomfortable knowing what she knows about them.

hillary clintonhillary clinton

hillary clinton

Clinton upright and disguised in her Monday appearance in New Zealand


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