British PM Theresa May Defends Working With Trump, Destroys Leftist Hack

theresa may trump parliament


British Prime Minister Theresa May will be the first foreign leader to visit the White House under his new administration on Friday. Prior to her departure for the United States, she was engaged in a fiery back and forth with the libtards of the British Parliament and destroyed them. She showed herself to be a female version of Nigel Farage, agile and ferocious in her wit and debating skills.

She told their legislative body, what legislative powers they have since they became servants of their EU masters, that she is pleased to be able to meet our president so early in his administration. May says, “That is a sign of the strength of the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States of America, a special relationship upon which he and I intend to build.”

She addresses her adversary, Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying, “But can I also say to the leader of the opposition, I am not afraid to speak frankly to a president of the United States. I am able to do that because we have that special relationship, a special relationship that he would never have with the United States.”

The big government libtard responds, “Mr. Speaker, we would never allow Britain to be sold off on the cheap. How confident is she of getting a good deal for global Britain from a president who wants to put America first, buy American and build a wall between his country and Mexico?” In one sentence he is, in a display of typical liberal hypocrisy, decrying Donald Trump for putting America first and Theresa May for potentially not being able to deliver a similar Britain-first deal. 

After he completes his rant about Britain becoming a bargain basement and other disjointed ravings, May responds. She says, “We will be out around the world with the EU, America and other countries negotiation good free trade deals for this country, that will bring prosperity to this country.”

“But the right honorable gentleman wants to talk about Brexit.” She references that he’s supposedly the leader of his party and the considerable disarray and lack of unity of message that it suffers from, doing so in a most surgically brutal manner. Britain appears to be in good hands with May who seems determined to extricate her nation from the EU, once the libtards have finished pointlessly making things difficult.

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