British PM Candidate Terrorist Friendly – Corbyn History Includes London Bridge Group

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Theresa May could have done more to fight terrorism in the UK, although, given the propensity for Europeans as well as many Americans and Canadians to pretend that terrorism is just something that happens on television and not really a concern, with it only recently garnering the attention it deserves, it’s not completely fair to judge past performance by the standard of today’s risk. Even with the higher threat posed today, many on the left still oppose action to curtail the out of control influx of unvetted Muslims into Western nations.

Given that recognition, and the fact that she was Home Secretary of Britain for six years, she’s also been quite engaged in the fight against terrorism in the UK. At no time has she addressed a group that supports terrorism or calls for acts of terror against innocent people. Her opponent, Labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn cannot make that same claim. The UK’s Daily Mail made the revelations just one day prior to the election that will determine which is to lead the UK.

In a report that included several photographs from a rally in 2002, Jeremy Corbyn is identified as having been a speaker to the group which contained many Islamists, including 300 members of an extremist group linked to the leader of the London Bridge attacks, Al Muhajiroun.

They also report that Corbin addressed an anti-Israel protest where Islamists from Al Muhajiroun chanted about their support for Osama Bin Laden and shouted slogans calling for Israelis to be gassed. Two were dressed in mock suicide bomber outfits.

Khuram Butt, one of the three Borough Market murderers, was a supporter of Al Muhajiroun and an associate of its leader Anjem Choudary, the hate preacher now in jail for encouraging his followers to join ISIS. It was also claimed yesterday that the security services are looking into a second attacker’s links to that same preacher.

corbyn rally

Corbyn addressing 2002 terrorist-friendly rally

The Daily Mail also reveals that both Corbyn and his shadow chancellor John McDonnell voted against the counter-terrorism law used to ban Al Muhajiroun and criminalize its members and leaders.

Defense Secretary Michael Fallon described the revelations as being proof that Corbyn could not be trusted with power. He said: “Jeremy Corbyn wants to be Prime Minister in just two days, but this latest revelation about his association with extremists shows exactly why he is unfit to lead the country.” He added, “He has a long track record of siding with people who want to damage and attack the UK and there can be no excuse for his decision to address this rally.”

Fallon warned, “There is a very real risk that Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott will be in charge of our security and borders on Friday unless people vote for Theresa May and her Conservative team.”

A Corbyn spokesperson said: ‘Jeremy addressed a broad-based rally in support of Palestinian rights. It was a public event and he was in no way responsible for the views of all of the thousands of attendees. Jeremy condemns Al Muhajiroun in the strongest possible terms.”

Talking out of both sides of one’s mouth is nothing new for politicians, and the acerbic-tongued Corbyn is quite familiar with the technique. The Mail states, “He has been exposed in the past for calling terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas his friends, describing the death of Bin Laden as a tragedy, boasting of opposing anti-terror legislation in his 30-year career as an MP, and opposing powers stopping would-be terrorists traveling to fight with Islamic State.”

It would seem impossible to make the revelation of the details any worse, but the fact that they were released on the communist Weekly Worker website does just that. It described what they termed as the ‘ultra- reactionaries’ of Al Muhajiroun chanting ‘Skud, Skud Israel’ and ‘Gas, gas Tel Aviv’ , along with declarations of support for Al Qaeda.

Corbyn, a backbench Labour MP at the time, was not just in attendance, but addressed the rally which was attended by an estimated 8,000 people. In his speech he called for Israeli leader Ariel Sharon to be tried in the International Criminal Court and for an end of Britain’s trade with Israel. He’s quoted as saying, “Too many people have suffered for too long, too many young people have died as a result of this illegal occupation.”

The group with which Corbyn has the association, Al Muhajiroun, was established by hate preacher Omar Bakri Mohammad, now exiled from the country following the July 7, 2005 terrorist attacks. The group which sparked outrage when it described the 9/11 hijackers as the ‘Magnificent 19’. In 2000 Mr. Corbyn and John McDonnell voted against Labour’s Terrorism Act that made membership of proscribed groups a criminal offence. Al Muhajiroun was added to the list in 2010.

However weak Theresa May might be on certain specifics, she’s at least on the right team and willing to step up the effort to fight terrorism. Corbyn seems to be one who could just as easily as not been celebrating along with the murderous jihadis. As the words of politicians are often meaningless, it is sometimes best to judge them by the company they keep. This appears to be one of those times.


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