Boston Mayor’s Praise For Radicals Conflicts Police Plea To “Stop Throwing Urine,” Rocks, Bottles

boston blm thugs

The leftist apologists for the Soros – Obama thugs of AntiFa, BLM and various communist organizations are going to have their work cut out for them in denying the true nature of their radical foot soldiers in the Boston event.

The “good but naive guys” left under fear for their safety at approximately 1 PM. Democrat Mayor Walsh and city officials worked with the Soros – Obama goons, providing a staging area, support of the city and most importantly, favorable PR to ensure their success. Reasonable hooligans would have stopped there, and celebrated their victory with their familiar moronic chants and raised clenched fists.

These radicals aren’t reasonable. They came to town looking to hurt somebody, to do a little law breaking, to get physical. With their target removed from the scene and having their “loving hearts” set on violence, their only logical alternative was to vandalize and attack the police.

Mayor Walsh falsely described the Soros – Obama goons in his comments after the event as almost saint-like, saying, ” I want to thank all the people who came out to share that message of love not hate [by hating], to fight back on racism, to fight back on Antisemitism, to fight back on the white supremacist [just one] that were coming to our city. Actually he aligned himself with the hate and the anti-white racist black supremacists and anti-American communists. It’s not a last minute decision on his part, he’s one of them.

Police were being pelted with urine, rocks and bottles by the loving “hate-haters”

Walsh ignores the facts he most certainly knew and was totally aware of, that the Boston Police were being targeted by the very groups he was fawning and gushing over. At about the same time the last of the permitted group was running for their lives, the Boston Police Department sent out a tweet to the “peaceful,” unlawfully gathered radicals.

The Police stated that their officers were being pelted with urine, rocks and bottles and asked that these loving advocates of everything warm and fuzzy refrain from doing so. The only reason there weren’t a lot more people hurt is that the Soros – Obama goons’ only remaining targets were armed with guns and badges. Had the original free speech participants been present they’d have been swarmed and beaten, if not killed.

Then again, maybe it won’t be that hard for the Mayor or anyone else to explain the fact that the attacks happened when only their operatives were present. The media will simply not report it, they’ll all continue to hail what took place as a great victory for good over evil when in fact it is just the opposite and the American people will be one step closer to a globalist authoritarian government or Civil War II.


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