Boston MAYOR Admits, Like Charlottesville, AIDED SOROS AntiFa, BLM Commie THUGS

boston mayor marty walsh

The libtard mayor of Boston, Democrat Marty Walsh, is a totally willing propaganda tool, delivering a false, deceptive and distorted message about the “free speech” event in his city that was overrun by Soros – Obama leftists thugs. They are same BLM AntiFa communist radicals that shut down the First Amendment rights of white protesters in Charlottesville a week earlier and at Trump rallies across the nation during the election.

Once again the thugs are being hailed by Democrats as heroes for violating the Constitution, this time, appropriately, in the liberal cesspool of Boston, once  a center of patriotism but no longer. A headline from his fellow leftists at CBS tells the story, “Boston ‘free speech’ rally ends after counter-protesters take to streets.”

That same article described the event participants up as “a small group of conservatives,” not white supremacists. They note that their permit, the only protesters in the park who had one, “banned backpacks, sticks or anything that could be used as a weapon.”

In essence it prohibited anything that might be used to defend themselves from the AntiFa, BLM and communist goons who weren’t so encumbered by a permit and able to bring the implements of thuggery that fit their needs.

John Medlar of the Boston Free Speech Coalition, which organized the event, is a naive 23-year-old student at Fitchburg State College. He told CBS News that his group would not tolerate hate speech. His group was lucky to get out of town with their lives. Neither he or his group had any role in dictating or tolerating the speech of anyone.

The naive organizer actually believed the Soros – Obama goons would be reasonable

The young idealist who apparently hasn’t come up against the Soros – Obama syndicate before, said, “Reasonable people on both sides who are tolerant enough to not resort to violence when they hear something they disagree with, reasonable people who are actually willing to listen to each other, need to come together and start promoting that instead of letting all of these fringe groups on the left and the right determine what we can and cannot say.” 

Boston MAYOR Admits, Like Charlottesville, AIDED SOROS AntiFa, BLM Commie THUGS

Mayor Walsh’s Peaceful, Loving Protesters at work conquering “hate.” They’ve brought plenty of “love-urine” they can use to throw on the fire if it gets out of control.

Maybe now he knows there are no reasonable people on the left. They cannot be engaged in an honest conversation because they are completely dishonest and intellectually corrupt. They also hate America and white people, and they have desire to move past it. Even the leftist whites hate other whites who do not subscribe to their poisoned ideology.   [VIDEO BELOW]

Mayor Walsh is one of those leftist thugs, as is evident in his distorted pro-commie comments. He acknowledged he and his city government minions are completely aligned with the radicals, saying, “Today, in our city, there’s been a lot of work done to be able to come in [AntiFa, BLM, commies] and to be able to protest [shut down], to be able to express themselves all the way from Roxbury Community College [staging area], all the way to Boston Common.

Mayor Walsh admits he was at the staging area and part of the riot preparations

He admits he was part of the shut down leftist plot, saying, “I was at Roxbury College [an anti-white radical institution] earlier and you could just feel a sense of pride being there, that people were going to come out and make a statement about how great we are here in the city of Boston.” [ By throwing urine and feces at people, burning flags, shouting, assaulting and clubbing as necessary. That’s Boston Great!]

The mayoral POS continued, “So I want to thank all of the people that came out today, I want to thank all the people who came out to share that message of love not hate [by hating], to fight back on racism [of free speech], to fight back on anti-Semitism, to fight back on the white supremacist [he said one] that were coming to our city, on the Nazis that were coming to our city, [none existed in any video or photographs]. “

He added, putting a bow on his PR stunt promoting and further enabling their future political bullying, “I want to thank everyone who came here today. I want to thank everyone who came here and expressed themself [sic] in such a positive, great manner today.

You’re welcome Mr. Mayor, and thank you for getting those evil free speakers out of your city before any of them got killed by the “wonderful peace loving, positive and great” Soros – Obama globalist foot soldiers.


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