Borders Still Open – Catch And Release, DACA, DAPA Continue Under Trump

catch and release


There are some troubling inconsistencies in the border policies of President Trump, when taken in comparison to what we were promised during the campaign, that leave many wondering if the President’s positions have changed for if perhaps they weren’t exactly as we were previously led to believe. Has a new reelection strategy for 2020 been determined and sending back illegals to where they came from is now, along with locking up Hillary Clinton, seen as too damaging to his public image with the leftists? Will it now once again be the customary choice between the lesser of two evils, open border “A” incumbent versus open border “B” candidate or primary challenger in 2020? Was the promise of a return to American sovereignty just a ploy to get the patriot Americans fired up and filling arenas?

The DACA program of giving American jobs and residency to illegal alien squatters continues, with 125,000 persons who have simply forced their way into our nation added since January, under the Trump administration. In violation of the Constitution, they’re being given special legal privileges and allowed to remain and live normal lives as if they belong here, by President Trump and DHS Secretary Kelly.

President Trump promised Americans repeatedly, as in this quote from August 31, 2016, “We will immediately terminate ‘president’ Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties in which he defied federal law and the Constitution to give amnesty to approximately five million illegal immigrants, five million.” It was music to our ears then but the words turned out to have a hollow, empty ring to them. Those two programs, DACA and DAPA are still operating, illegals are being given legal status every day, and it includes new recipients, not just renewals.

The Border Patrol has some equally, perhaps more disturbing news that was reported by Breitbart on Saturday. Catch and Release, which President Trump told us he ended, is back. According to CBP agents, it never really left at all.

In the video below, President Trump first promised to build the border wall, which he has struggled to this point to do but has at least made an effort and that work appears to be continuing. His second point, at the 2:29 point of the video, is a promise to end catch and release. That is completely, 100 percent within his control to do. Yet we are almost five months into his administration, and instead of ending the practice, he’s put Obama’s facilitator of catch and release in charge of border enforcement, as the program continues. He also promised to deport criminal offending illegals, although the stand against sanctuary cities still appears to be an open conflict that could go either way or nowhere, he’s taking action in that area.

President Trump and DHS Secretary John Kelly appointed an Obama holdover, Kevin McAleenan, as the new person leading U.S. Customs and Border Protection. McAleenan was directly responsible for implementing the anti-sovereignty, open borders policies of the corrupt Obama administration, including the big three of DACA, DAPA and Catch and Release. His performance appears to have not gone unappreciated by his superiors, both under Obama and now under President Trump. It most definitely was noticed and reviled by his subordinate rank and file. Agents widely expressed a feeling of disbelief and betrayal when his appointment was announced back in April.

Border Patrol agent and National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told Breitbart Texas’ Brandon Darby, “Obama’s catch and release is definitely continuing and our government is releasing illegal aliens into U.S. communities. The steps taken for such releases have slightly changed and the numbers are not as high, but it is still occurring. Under Trump, ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] is holding more illegal aliens than what they did under Obama, but make no mistake, ICE is still releasing a good number of illegal aliens into U.S. communities. Americans need to know this.”

Border apprehensions rose 31 percent in May from the previous 17-year-low in April. Although President Trump has done some good things despite overwhelming opposition, particularly his walking away from the Paris climate deal, his performance on immigration is not as we expected. While he’s got plausible denialibity in the terrorist importation area, due to legislating liberal so-called judges, there surely would be other means of discontinuing the “refugee” abuse. A simple new definition of a refugee or tightened visa requirements that exclude terrorist nations, or a barrage of things that the leftists obstructionists can’t keep up with might be worth trying.

One thing is certain, there is no order from a “so-called” judge which provides President Trump with political cover for simply refusing to follow through on an easily fulfilled campaign promise on DACA or on catch and release. President Trump is just simply not doing what he promised us he would. Both are illegal program that he could simply terminate.

Some Americans may accept that, given his embattled status and thwarted attempts elsewhere. Many will not. Many will see it as a betrayal, and feel used, in the same way the Border Patrol viewed the appointment of the open borders kingpin as their boss. Something just isn’t right. If President Trump truly believes in what he promised, we expect DACA would have ended already, as were were told it would, on January 20th.

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5 Comments on Borders Still Open – Catch And Release, DACA, DAPA Continue Under Trump

  1. Lawrence Welk might of said; “Now here is an old tune that we have not played for awhile. The name of the song is YOU GOT IT SHOVE UP YOUR ASS”. Then Lawrence counts; 1 2 3, and the choir begins to sing; “Don’t blame me USA, I voted as you and my ass hurts as yours. We will now move to Argentina.”

  2. Thomas Oakley // June 11, 2017 at 7:07 am // Reply

    and again I will say: is he getting bad info from his appointments? Are his so called advisors doing the same. Does he even get informed on subjects like this or is it being kept from him? Who advised him to appoint the obamsssss holdover? How about their names, that would tell us a lot.How much a effect is his daughter and son in law having on him with their liberal thoughts? If he all of a sudden so worried about 2020? Does he not realize that if he keeps on this path that he will be thrown, by all of us that voted for him, to the dogs.

  3. Deplorable Doctor // June 11, 2017 at 6:53 am // Reply

    Is it not time to remove my red “Big League Trump Supporter” from the rear window of my car?

  4. While Trump has done some good things, some just nibbling around the edges, the illegals, refugees, and lawless thugs, are still having their way. He will lose the non sycophant base as well as the crossover dems who voted to stop this onslaught.

    He does seem to be leaning toward the Ivanka/Jared agenda.

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