Bongino – Lying Dems Embarrassment To USA, Disgraced 9/11 Sacred Ground

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Dan Bongino addresses the media coup that is underway in the United States against this President and the American people, the leftist propaganda that has been substituted for news and the absence of reporting on major stories that negatively impact their political comrades. Specifically, the spying on another GOP presidential candidate and US Senator, Lindsey Graham, as well as the silence on the subpoenaing of John Brennan, Susan Rice and Samantha Power by the House Intelligence Committee. Nowhere has that story appeared on the liberal media.

Bongino compares the procedure that law enforcement officers must go through in obtaining a warrant or personal information on suspected criminals, such as bank records, emails, credit card statements or private conversations. Now, if you’re of the opposition party to the former pretend ‘president,’ any political appointee hack like Susan Rice can just make a secret request and deprive a decorated General like Mike Flynn of his constitutional protections that are freely afforded killers, thieves, kidnappers and rapists.

He speaks to the audience telling them, “If you believe in this Trump – Russia fairy tale, you’re being scammed, you’re being hoodwinked, you’re being made a fool of by the Democrat media complex that has already admitted multiple times, Senator Dianne Feinstein, multiple people, ‘credible’ Democrats who have already admitted up on the hill, listen to me – there’s no evidence!”

Bongino says, “They’re, you’re making this up.  Look, you’re making this whole thing up. You are embarrassing the country in order to engage in an ideological fight because you’re really upset you lost an election. You clowns, it’s time to move on. This is outrageous what’s happening right now.”

He’s also got some strong views on the politicizing by the same Democrats of the World Trade Center site by lighting up the Freedom Tower spire in “climate green” as a protest to our extricating ourselves from the Paris climate hoax.

Bongino asks “who the goofball is that thought that was a good idea. That is sacred ground. It’s not a thirty second campaign ad, you don’t go up there and post a sign or a color to stand with the international community. You stand with the United States. The United States was attacked on that day. It’s not a cheap campaign commercial. Shut that down.”

There are those who would argue that the same forces which are silencing America’s constitutional right to a free press are those who are also spying on their political opposition, who orchestrated the destruction of the four buildings and four planes on 9/11, and who are now lighting the Freedom Tower in green.

With the point raised that it was comrade Red Bill de Blasio who ordered the disgusting display, Bongino quips, “Next he’ll have it colored red for the communist flag. Is he kidding me? That was a terrible idea.”

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  1. Bongino says, “They’re, you’re making this up. Look, you’re making this whole thing up. You are embarrassing the country in order to engage in an ideological fight because you’re really upset you lost an election.”

    I don’t think the media is misbehaving because they lost the election. I think they’re being directed by their management to lie and distort the news. The top management of the large MSM organizations are connected tightly to the CFR and what we call “the establishment”.
    The CFR sees Trump and his supporters threatening all of the new world order shit they’ve been planning and building for the past 50-60 years. Things like Brexit, populism and dumping the Paris accord are major injuries to their world that they see Trump advocating.

    The “establishment”, including the military-industrial complex see Trump taking their control and enrichment out of their hands. They have a giant scam underway that takes boatloads of money from the American people while also diminishing their cultural strength. One only needs to spend a few minutes reading Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals to see how they’re doing it. Trump’s plan to drain the swamp will damage if not totally break up their little game. So, their aim is to weaken or eliminate Trump from power.

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