John Bolton Advises Trump On Policies, Responses In N. Korea and Iran

Amb Bolton sees the clock ticking down on the situation in N Korea and their latest moves as a diversion from the threat. The Iranian protests are a chance for President Trump to

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Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton doesn’t responded to the rhetoric from Kim Jong-un and his claims that he has a “nuclear button” on his desk.

Bolton labels it as propaganda, saying, “This is his regular New Year’s speech and obviously he has seen the conversation in the United States that looks a possible preemptive military force, not as the most attractive option, but as an option that we definitely have to use if they don’t give up their nuclear weapons program.”

He says we need a “very careful calibration of what the North’s capabilities are, I’ve think they’ve made incredible advances in the past year, they’re very close to crossing the finish line, but they haven’t done it yet.”

Bolton says that the portions of Kim’s statements that are being hailed as a possible first step in softening their position is more likely an effort to buy more time to allow them to by time, “to cross that finish line, perfect their targeting systems, and be able at some point, perhaps in the next year, to be able to hit targets in the United States with thermal-nuclear weapons.”

Bolton continues, “That’s why, President Trump inherited this situation, he’s got very little time left to make a decision what to do or face a future where North Korea has nuclear weapons.”

On the topic of Iran, Bolton is asked if the United States has an opportunity to use the protests against the regime. He replies, absolutely, these protests are very different from the post-election protests of 2009.

 He says the protests back then were over who was going to run the regime. The protests now are about whether the regime survives or not, which makes them much more threatening to the Ayatollah “and raises the stakes considerably.”

Bolton says he thinks President Trump “has already signaled a huge difference from the Obama administration by supporting the protesters, but I think we need to do more. We do not want to make the same mistake that American made before, in 1956, calling opposition out in Hungary and standing by watching while Soviet tanks crushed the opposition.”

After defeating Saddam Hussein in 1991 we called for that regime to be overthrown and stood by where Saddam massacred other Iraqis.” He says the US needs to provide assistance and notes this is another reason why President Trump should get out of the nuclear deal with Iran and should resume all of our previous sanctions.

Bolton  says we should also be providing material and financial support to the opposition if they desire it and be working with intelligence services from other countries towards the application of increased pressure with the goal of regime change in Iran.

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3 Comments on John Bolton Advises Trump On Policies, Responses In N. Korea and Iran

  1. I wonder how we would react if another nation began messing with our internal affairs in the way Bolton advocates we should screw with the internal affairs of nations like NK and Iran?

    Our foreign policies keep getting more and more hostile and Trump keeps on soaking up bad advice from the war hawks that surround him.

  2. Bolton makes some good points at times, but, as a neocon, I don’t think he ever met a war he didn’t like.

    I’m wondering what the actual facts are on our defenses, which there is not much talk about. Can we really take out any of N.K.’s missiles before they even get near our country, or right after they are fired. I believe firing them is one thing but re-entry and hitting a target is another.

    Reagan’s Star Wars concept is what we should spend most of our defense $$ on, IMO.

  3. James Higginbotham // January 2, 2018 at 7:02 am // Reply

    ya know folks, the LAST time our nation was at peace is when President Ike Eisenhower was in office.
    ever since President John Kennedy started our advisor program in Vietnam nothing has been the same since.
    and it’s not going to change because the world has become MORE DANGEROUS.

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