Bolton – Obama White House Likely Source Of “Russian Bedroom” Document

john bolton


Neil Cavuto asks Ambassador Bolton who leaked the Russian bedroom dossier, once again trying to sort out the source of a supposed “Russian” leak, the favorite political pastime for Democrats and those in the media they control.

Bolton says, “Well, I think it has to come from one of two places if it came from the government. The fact that the briefings took place with Trump and Obama, either from the intelligence community, someone in the intelligence community, or the Obama White House. And I do think there should be an investigation of it. This is a gross misuse of information that should be held confidential. Even though it’s not an intelligence community product, the very fact of it being discussed, and I think legitimately so that we know what character assassination efforts are going on in the broader world.”

Cavuto interrupts saying, “Well someone knew it, to your point, someone knew it.” He then references the warning from Chuck Schumer to Mr. Trump that the intelligence community would come bite him back.

Bolton notes that some left-wing sites are talking about the “deep state” targeting Trump and recommends that everybody just take a breath, quoting a judge as stating that 99% of what are thought to be conspiracies in the federal government are simple screw ups and that it is important to keep that message in mind.

He says, “I don’t doubt that this looks like a deliberate leak, that would be my instinct, but that doesn’t mean it’s part of some huge conspiracy.” Bolton goes on to say, “I don’t think anybody should be under any illusions, that there are elements of the intelligence community as there are cultures in a lot of departments of government that I think are fundamentally hostile to the Trump world view, or the Republican Party’s world view.”

Cavuto asks if they would be so small as to say, “Look he called into question our intelligence, quite literally, and now we’re going to go back at him.”

Bolton replies, “Well, look, it’s possible. I think some people could have done that, I do and I do think it warrants an investigation. All I’m saying is let’s not get into the realm of fiction and think that somehow this is a thousand person conspiracy.”

He adds, “I think it could also have come from the Obama White House or political figures in the administration. This administration has gone a long way to politicize the intelligence community. I think that’s a terrible damage to our intelligence gathering capability and credibility and I think people like Dan Coats and Mike Pompeo when they get confirmed as Director of National Intelligence and head of the CIA respectively really have a huge job to do. And this latest flap has just made it incredibly more difficult for them.”

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