Bolton – Obama Treachery Predictable, Withhold UN Money, Create Consequences

john bolton


Ambassador John Bolton says of the Obama backstabbing of Israel, “I think certainly the sponsors of the resolution, the Egyptians, some of the others, some of the five permanent members of the council, including Great Britain, obviously had to consult with the Obama administration to tell them what was in the resolution so that it was sufficient for Obama to order an abstention.

He says, “The United States could have killed this resolution by voting no, it did vote no on a very similar resolution in 2011, but this was and you said it exactly right at the top of the show, this was a stab in the back against the Israelis. It was entirely predictable,” he tells those who have defended Obama over the last eight years, “You should have seen this coming and this is what you get for supporting Barack Obama.”

He also  believes it goes beyond the personal dislike for Netanyahu, that it’s an attempt by Obama to box in the incoming Trump administration, noting “it violates nearly fifty years of American bi-partisan policy on the Middle East, going back to the iconic resolution 242 after the 1967 war, which established the principle of land for peace.”

He says, “This resolution says basically Israel’s occupation is illegitimate therefore it has no land to give back in exchange for peace. Contrary to what the Obama administration said this puts a huge thumb on the scale against Israel, it does go to final status, it does effect Israel’s security, undermines it in profound ways. The consequences from this resolution are going to be felt for many, many years, all negative upon Israel and substantially negative on the United States itself.”

Bolton believes that it is in the best interest and the likely course of action for both the United States and Israel to ignore this resolution, but he’s motivated on another point as well. He says, “Votes in the United Nations should have consequences. We’ve got two issues here. Fourteen countries that voted in favor of this resolution and the United Nations as a whole. Personally, what I would recommend,” says Bolton, “to the President-elect would be once he takes office he should say ‘this resolution is illegitimate and the United States is going to seek to repeal it.’ And if that fails, and that’s the most likely outcome, we should cut our contribution to the United Nations.”

Bolton says there are only two aspects of American power that are really respected in the United Nations. One is the veto in the Security Council, which Barack Obama threw away today, and the other is our money.

He points out that this illustrates that Russia is always prepared to shaft the United States in the case of the Middle East, with even Great Britain failing to abstain on this resolution. He says, “It shows just how much difficulty there is in the United Nations to try and carry out  a coherent American foreign policy.”

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