Bolton – North Korea, China And Iran Are Menacing Problems That Demand Serious Action

john bolton

john bolton

Paul Gigot asks former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton if he agrees that there is what appears to be an effort on the part of the Trump administration to focus on the foreign bad actors who have demonstrated a desire to acquire or a willingness to use weapons of mass destruction. He identified Syria, North Korea and Iran as examples.


Bolton replied, “I think that’s accurate and I think that reflects where the President himself is deeply concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons and is, as you mentioned in the case of the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons, to actually use military force in response. So I think if you put it all together it’s a very anti-proliferation administration.”

He believes that, “coupled with the obvious priority of destroying ISIS ” it’s reflective of the widely held belief that nuclear proliferation and terrorism are the two greatest threats we face around the world.” It does appear that the earth has decided to ease off in its attack plans for the moment and has been removed as the number one threat that Obama and Kerry had it positioned as.

Bolton believes the progress President Trump has made in dealing with China over North Korea is an improvement but it is still insufficient, that China has for years talked one way, claiming it doesn’t want N Korea to have a deliverable nuclear weapons capability, but it’s never really exerted the pressure that it could.”


Bolton thinks the bottom line problem is that North Korea will never voluntarily relinquish its nuclear weapons program, that the regime sees it as equivalent to the regime itself. He says, “Looking at the bigger picture, I think it’s really the end of North Korea that is required to get the end of their nuclear weapons program. And that means getting China on board for reunification and I think what President Trump has done could be a step in that direction.

Gigot doesn’t see the Chinese as being anywhere near willing to accept a unified Korea due to their own security concerns with the West. Bolton agrees but the circumstances of the real nuclear threat to the United States presented by North Korea has changed the game and China no longer has the luxury of stalling, particularly with the Trump administration determined to resolve this problem. The risk of military confrontation on the Korean Peninsula will unleash the potential for everything China hopes to avoid. Bolton says they have a choice, “The can do it the hard way or they can do it the somewhat easier way, it’s really up to them.


He’s asked if the State Department is correct in their claims that Iran is honoring the nuclear agreement.  A very animated Bolton says, “Absolutely not, that certification was an embarrassment to the administration. Iran has violated the parts of the deal reflected in the Security Council resolution adopted in 2015 and a long list of other failures and violations.

He says not only are they not living up to the spirit of the agreement, they’re not living up to the letter of it either. The sooner we ditch it and make a clear political statement that their behavior is unacceptable, not just on terrorism but on the nuclear front too, the better.

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10 Comments on Bolton – North Korea, China And Iran Are Menacing Problems That Demand Serious Action

  1. Trump needs to get back to listening to Bannon and Miller and others who understand what is actually happening internationally. Bolton doesn’t know s**t.

  2. Bolton never met a war, or an opportunity for war, that he didn’t like.

  3. President Trump in his own words. Iran is not living up to the spirit of the agreement.

  4. Mangus Colorado // April 23, 2017 at 10:27 pm // Reply

    These problems are directly tied to the Obama – Clinton weak policies. Now it looks like we will have two crazy nations with the bomb – good job Obama – Carter progressives.

  5. Kelleigh Nelson // April 23, 2017 at 8:32 pm // Reply

    I’m not a fan of Bolton, but his statement regarding Tillerson saying Iran is living up to the agreement is spot on. Iran would never live up to anything, they hate us, they’re the core of Islamic terrorism. Our traitorous former President gave them billions of our tax dollars which is so unconstitutional, and thought he was buying their friendship, he knew exactly what he was doing. There was no friendship bought other than between Obama and the rest of the Muslim world. As for Tillerson, he’s just another player. If you want a short but succinct overview of Iran and terrorism, in an easy to digest book by a 33 year intel officer, get General Flynn’s book, THE FIELD OF FIGHT. I am still using quotes from that book in many articles.

    I read in one article that Flynn followers are being called Flynnstones. Well, I guess I’m one of them. That man was THE BEST MAN Trump had in his administration, and because of Pence and the dark state, he’s gone. Showed very poor leadership by our President. He should have told Pence and Flynn to kiss and make up and the MSM and dark state to go pound sand, and both of them to get back to work.

  6. Excuse me? “(T)he Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons”??? One need read no further. The guy is an unapologetic war hawk; part of the NWO gang, and their plans for ‘regime change’ and all the rest. He needs to be kept as far away from the White House as possible. Trump is already getting very bad advice from his circle of advisers; he certainly doesn’t ned this character adding fuel to that fire.

    • Rick Wells // April 23, 2017 at 3:08 pm // Reply

      you know trump said he’s got a spot in the future for him, when he didn’t get the NSA job, remember, stan? – he’s already got his ear I’m pretty sure, one of the chorus that are calling for all of this action – I agree the syrian thing was premature at best and a false flag most likely, almost questioned him on the syria statement in the article but short on characters remaining – hard enough to get folks to read stuff at 5-600 words, anyway, yeah… excuse me too. lol

    • Seems you side with Russia,Iran and Syria. The rest of the world sides with the POTUS.

    • Kelleigh Nelson // April 24, 2017 at 10:30 am // Reply

      Stan and Rick, I’m with you, Bolton has always been a war hawk, I’ve also met with him in person, and spoken to him, he’s a slickster and he can twist anything to make you think he’s right. Nope, don’t need him near the White House is right

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