Nat’l Security Adviser Bolton explains the leftists losing their unstable little minds over President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal aren’t realistic in…

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National Security Adviser John Bolton joined Laura Ingraham to discuss the busy day at the White House, which included the announcement by President Trump that the United States would be exiting the Iran appeasement and empowerment deal negotiated by Hussein Obama, Valerie Jarrett and John Kerry.

Ingraham plays clips of three prominent Democrats dismissing the deal back in 2015 when Obama was busily attempting to peddle his wagonload of manure to the American people and Congress.  After listening to them Bolton says, “Look, the fact is the deal has been flawed from the beginning, I think the President laid that case out in his statement today.”   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Bolton says, “He gave the Europeans and others a chance to fix it. It was not doable because the flaws go right to the foundations of the deal, so he did what he clearly advertised he was going to do as far back as the 2016 campaign, pulled the United States out of the deal. Why? Because it’s in our security interests to get out of this flawed deal.”

She then plays an audio clip of John Kerry attempting to explain how he was within normal conduct as a former Secretary of State to be undercutting the President of the United States, and lobbying with foreign adversaries in direct opposite to what the administration position was, as he knew it to be.

Bolton is not baffled by Kerry’s BS. He notes that Kerry’s objective was to get a deal and to keep the deal. “It’s the wrong objective. The objective should be to prevent Iran from getting deliverable nuclear weapons. The deal not only didn’t accomplish that objective, in many ways it facilitated Iran’s efforts.”

Another of the Obama corruptocrats, John Brennan, gave his similar input, putting a spin on the impact it would have on the North Korea situation. Once again, the COUP organizer doesn’t have the interests of America or the success of the Trump administration at heart. He’s merely a vindictive partisan hack attacking his ideological adversaries, those patriots who love America.

Bolton also points out that Iran “couldn’t care less about the restrictions of this deal, what it wants are the economic advantages that Obama and Kerry gave to them. So of course it will try and keep those. But we’ll see, I think, their real performance is going to put them in a position where our European friends have got to come along and put sanctions back on.”

He also expects them to join in supporting the US in matters related, in addition to the nuclear issue, to Iran’s missile development, its continuing support for terrorism, and its military activities that jeopardize our friends like Israel and the Arab states in the region.”

She also reads a tweet from Obama’s UN Ambassador Samantha Power, which gives backhanded credibility that she’s so stupid she didn’t know someone was unmasking Trump team members under her name. Based upon the idiocy and partisanship exhibited in her idiotic, duplicitous comment, it’s a wonder she didn’t start a nuclear war all by herself – with George Soros’ networks’ help.

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