Bolton – US Should End Mandatory UN Contributions – Choose Which Programs We Fund

john bolton

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton wishes President Trump the best of luck in his efforts to reform the UN, saying he doesn’t think it’s going to happen, “I’ve watched these efforts for 25 years or more and the effect overall has been negligible. “

He says, “My view is that the only thing that can get the attention of the Secretariat and the other member nations of the UN is for the US to move unilaterally to a system of voluntary contributions based on this revolutionary principle.”

He continues, “We pay only for what we want and we insist we get what we pay for.”  Bolton says, “Here’s an interesting statistic. China, which everybody is telling us their economy is almost as big as ours, China’s going to surpass us. They pay seven percent of the UN’s budget while we pay three to four times.”

He says people take our 22 and 28 percent payments as an entitlement and it needs to stop. “The best run programs in the UN today,” says Bolton, “tend to be those funded by voluntary contributions. Now, a lot of our European friends won’t like it, life is hard, you know. But I think we need to go to voluntary and do it unilaterally if the others won’t go along. Then they will pay attention to us.”

Bolton agrees that there’s no question the UN is overwhelmingly anti-Semitic and anti-American.  Hannity points to the placing by the UN of human rights offenders like Iran on the Human Rights Commission as proof that it is a dysfunctional organization.

Bolton recommends the United States “resign from the Human Rights Council now.” He says, “One of the happiest votes I made in 2006 in the Bush administration was to vote against creating this new body, it was not a reform of its predecessor. It has not performed for over a decade. We just ought to get off of it and defund it immediately.”

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3 Comments on Bolton – US Should End Mandatory UN Contributions – Choose Which Programs We Fund

  1. Anthony Wicher // September 21, 2017 at 4:27 am // Reply

    Bolton should go back to hell where he came from.

  2. I agree we should completely get out of the UN and kick them out of NY. It is impossible to reform the UN. They are the most corrupt organization, if possible, even more corrupt than our own corrupticians.

    When I hear “Trump speak” about reforming the UN I look at how he is reforming the swamp, and simply shake my head.

  3. Sorry Bolton but the U.S. just needs to STOP funding any of the UN and we need to remove them from our country. Everything they do is against what we as citizens of the U.S. believe. We have a Constitution and we are a Republic, the only Republic in the entire world and we do not need to lose it.

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