Bolton – Agency Leaks By Obama Dissidents A Serious Concern For Security, Function

john bolton


Neil Cavuto is raises the issue of leaks of secret and sensitive information that is coming out of the White House and the threat it poses to national security. Former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, has an opinion on the topic that he shares. He says, “I think the leaks are a serious problem, there’s no doubt about it. I think they come from dissident elements within the bureaucracy.”

He says, “You know when you come from outside the government you think well maybe the government all works together, you know, everybody pitches in, we’re all going after the same objectives. That’s about as far from the truth as you can imagine. And there’s obviously a lot of opposition to what is perceived to be a number of Trump administration policies.”

Bolton says, “There’s no way to overcome those leaks without getting firm control of all the bureaucracies in question. You need to get your people out into the departments and agencies, you need to staff up in the White House.”

He believes, “It’s going to be a serious problem until you overcome it by performance and if you can’t do that then you simply restrict the number of people you talk to, this is how Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon accomplished the opening to China. So it’s actually self-defeating for State or any other bureaucracy to engage in this kind of leak because they marginalize themselves.”

Bolton says it won’t take long, if it’s not corrected, for our adversaries to take advantage of the information sieve. He notes that over the last eight years under Obama they saw weakness. He says, “If that’s replaced, even with a strong President, by a failure of operationalizing his policies, they will certainly take advantage of it and disagreement within the administration is something that unfortunately you can see play out in the newspapers.”

“It’s not helped,” Bolton says, “by the partisan warfare we’ve had from the minority party in Congress that has had this incredibly slow pace of confirmations and it’s going to be, not just at the cabinet level, let’s forget you have literally hundreds of appointments to sub-cabinet offices, most of which have not been made yet and God knows how long they’ll take to get through the Senate.”

Ambassador Bolton notes that disarray at the start of an administration is commonplace and with a hostile press, mainstream media looking for every story they can get. A sparrow doesn’t fall, but that it looks like administration disorganization.” He says, “I think it’s exaggerated but don’t underestimate, it is a long term problem if it’s not corrected.”

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4 Comments on Bolton – Agency Leaks By Obama Dissidents A Serious Concern For Security, Function

  1. It’s an abomination, and treasonous what the Dems (communist party) and the media are doing to obstruct the president’s movements. It’s way beyond partisan politics.

  2. terry L davis // February 15, 2017 at 7:00 pm // Reply

    yes, these leaks are dangerous and am sure the liberal dems and obama is behind this, and hidden mics, I suppose the secret service did a sweep, but rogue obama dissendents are probably in the WH/administration,

  3. “A serious concern” for American citizens!


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