Body Language Analysis Of WH Meeting With Schumer, Pelosi Quite REVEALING

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The interesting video goes into an analysis of the body language of the participants in the recent meeting between President Trump and Vice President Pence, with the leadership of the House and Senate, Republican and Democrat, as well as Treasury Secretary Mnuchin.

As the analysis indicates, there was a lot of stress in the room from the mixed bag of participants. She describes everybody in the room as being guarded, with the exception of President Trump, who is anxious, in her opinion.

The narrator notes that Mitch McConnell is also leaning away from Schumer, a natural response for anyone forced to sit next to him. She describes Schumer as sitting with his “head down, slouched into the couch, very submissive, like a little schoolboy in a room of giants.”

She observes that as President Trump is addressing issues and problems, he doesn’t look to his right, where Ryan, McCarthy and Mnuchin are seated. Instead he looks past McConnell seated to his left and at the two Democrats.

The analyst describes the faces of Schumer and Pelosi, who President Trump just referred to as “Nancy and Chuck,” as being like the faces of “little kids who got to come into the big people’s room. And they’re so excited because they’re holding the knives and the adults are trying to make them behave. But still scared little kids.”     [VIDEO BELOW]

She says, “You know there is a mindset for this, when you’re this cowardly [pointing to Schumer], as he has been shown, that submissiveness constantly and her [Pelosi], they tend not to attack outwardly, they do stab you in the back. And with personalities like that it can range from slight to deadly. And I do believe these two would go deadly.”

The narrator adds, after a group pan, “I really don’t like Paul Ryan.” She didn’t know Mitch McConnell’s name but she knows she doesn’t like Paul Ryan. She points to the “nervous laughter Schumer is doing” in response to the shouted media questions of “DACA, you going to do the DACA thing?” and Schumer’s cowardly, nervous laughter with his shoulders drawn in.

It might not be completely fair for her to attack Schumer for those traits. Weasels have some of those characteristics naturally, as part of their biology.

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7 Comments on Body Language Analysis Of WH Meeting With Schumer, Pelosi Quite REVEALING

  1. At the bottom of this comment is a site to the White House that I go to and leave my messages to the President. No, I am not fooled that he ever reads what I send but if more people used this opportunity and ‘NICELY’ told him what is troubling you about the route he is taking now concerning DACA, the 3 months of giving the DEMS what they wanted and all your concerns. More People need to use this site and write to him their concerns and we might see a change which means he is listening. I have done it several times with the truth of information that I know he is not receiving from his guardian Kelly. We need to push this agenda and pass this site on to others. When you write make sure it is firm about your beliefs and what he has promised and make sure it comes from a true source or just telling him that you want to let him know how you feel. The site:

  2. Other than a room full of weasels, I think everyone there got exactly what they wanted, tax payer $$ and another great Kabuki show. The only ones who lost, again, are the patriots. I hope I’m wrong, but I see another gang of 8 bill, over 1 million nightmares given amnesty, and another 50+ million a pathway to citizenship. When a full 50 million new voters hot the booths the “browning” of our “South Africa” will be finished.

  3. One thing I can figure out from the article is no one likes Paul Ryan, me included. We also learned that Schumer is a wuss when he has to meet with Republicans but when he is in front of the MSM loons he can sound tough and trash President Trump. Same with the witch of the west.

    Now, what was I suppose to learn from this since we know how it turned out that the two dimwits were given what they wanted and the Republicans got nothing other than a bill without thousands of $$ attached for the loons to throw away which they plan to do with the 3 extra months of the Trillions of $$$$$$$$$$$ of DEBT to push their agenda of more spending!

    I tried to be reasonable and thought that President Trump wanted a clean bill for Texas and that is why he gave the evil ones 3 months, not 6, but 3. I am not sure what is happening now because he is thinking DACA and if he allows DACA to continue and all of these DACA adults are given amnesty and the wall is ignored then I believe his administration will lose everything. Tell me I am wrong Rick Wells.

    • You don’t want me to lie to you, I know. You look to be absolutely on the money to me. Getting the better of the GOP Congress doesn’t further our cause a bit and we’ll be right back in the same situation, further down the road, battling the Christmas deadline and again, see the last minute deals that involve GOP surrender, the sticking of the shiv in the ribs of American patriots. You’re not wrong.

  4. Curly, Larry and Moe have really changed over the years, even their names.

  5. with the exception of Trump and Pence, ALL THE REST ARE ARE WEASELS AND SNAKES.
    and our govt IS OVERLOADED WITH THEM.

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