Bobble-Head SCHIFF Calls TRUMP Patriots RUSSIANS, Uses MCMASTER As “Proof”

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Jake Tapper can’t bring himself to use the word “Patriot” to describe President Trump’s supporters, instead preferring to use the demeaning term of “nationalist wing.” We’re all nationalists, in support of this nation and in defiance of your globalist subversion, Tapper. Your self-serving attempts to discredit the millions who elected President Trump are woefully transparent; we see you for the enemy you are.

He uses that terminology to note the rise in the ranks of Trump supporters who are fed up with some of  the trash that he continues to surround himself with and are making a concerted effort to let him know of our displeasure. H R McMaster is emblematic of those concerns as he attempts to solidify his globalist control over the NSC.

The hashtag #firemcmaster is little more than a means of communicating shared discontent at his actions and his being in that position. On their end, it’s being used to perversely link and falsely cast American patriots as Russian sympathizers.

There’s much more to the pathetic Rep Schiff than his freakish appearance and irritating about propagandist Tapper than his “air pinched out of a balloon” nasally voice.  In what is clearly an attempt to insulate McMaster by associating his opponents with the Russia, Russia, Russia, the globalists have come up with a new miniature, reverse version of the original they fabricated to get President Trump.

Tapper blathers on over the predictable fake news New York Times story that the highest volume hashtag among 600 Twitter accounts supposedly linked to Russian influence operations on Thursday was #firemcmaster. Let’s stop right there, Tapper. Who determined that they are linked to Russian influence operations and how, for starters, and who compiled the list? What was the criteria for earning a position? Your record at CNN and at the New York Times for impartiality and objective assessments of a situation is no better than the globalist McMaster’s.

Bobble-head Schiff says, “You know we saw this during the campaign, that the Russians used their paid social media trolls, they used bots in order to push things as part of their active measures campaign.” This is a new low for CNN and shifty Schiff, for the chief propagandists in the Trump vilification and elimination program to have the hypocrisy to accuse independent media such as yours truly of being paid and working with the Russians with nothing to back it up.

It’s a deliberate, despicable smear and lie and totally in keeping with their total absence of integrity or character and the type of disinformation campaign they’ve been running against President Trump. He calls anyone opposed to McMaster a Russian, saying, “I think it’s indicative of the idea that the Russians don’t particularly like General McMaster” and puts more of his idiotic conspiracy theory spin on it.

Not about Russia, Schiff, It’s about globalists like you and your comrade McMaster

Here’s how it goes, Shifty, we patriots despise McMaster because he’s an enemy agent, just as you and Tapper are, working for the globalists. He’s trash just as you two and your fellow anti-Americans are trash. It’s got nothing to do with Russia, as nothing else does, aside from it being your successful narrative for undermining President Trump in your ongoing coup attempt.

Getting rid of McMaster is important for the success of President Trump, and then Dina Habib Powell and the rest of the globalists and Obama deep state operatives inside the administration. By the way, balloon head, then we’re coming after you, and Jake the Fake.

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2 Comments on Bobble-Head SCHIFF Calls TRUMP Patriots RUSSIANS, Uses MCMASTER As “Proof”

  1. Make a clean sweep of Hussein supporters and be done with it! McMasters needs to go along with any other Globalists and RINO’s! I hate that these a-holes are still talking about any “Russian influence” in the election. Clinton cheated the commie out of his shot and Trump won because most Americans didn’t like the thought of a habitual liar, among MANY other “things”, being elected as our president. Trump was and is prepared to stand up for America, Americans and our Constitution and he has proved that!!. No other candidate was prepared to do this or had the balls to do this! That is why President Donald Trump was elected. Take the “Russian collusion” BS and shove it!

  2. Love that final paragraph, Rick. “By the way, balloon head, then we’re coming after you, and Jake the Fake.” Best line in the article. GOD and PATRIOTS united will see us through!

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