Bobble-Head Schiff Ignores Comey’s Inconvenient Exculpatory Statements, Confessions

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Bret Baier interviewed the Democrat anti-Trump point-worm, and probable strange visitor from another planet, Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA), on the Thursday testimony of James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He asks the sleazy political hack for his assessment, to which Schiff responded, “Well, you know, I found it quite stunning. It’s not every day you have a former director of the FBI saying that he couldn’t trust the President, that the President had demanded loyalty in a conversation that at least in part centered around whether the Director would keep his job.”

That lack of trust is probably a result of that former FBI Director being afraid he had been exposed as the dirty cop that he is, and wanted to get evidence, or fabricate it if necessary, to use in his defense should things go south for him. It increasingly appears that that could quite easily have been the case, especially since he’s hidden the government documents, the memos, government property  that supposedly are the evidence supporting his claims.

That’s part one of the anti-Trump hack’s take on it, completely dismissing the points damaging to the witch hunt, which Baier will raise later in the interview.  The fact that Comey admitted he had leaked documents through a third party, that Loretta Lynch had ordered him not to speak of an investigation into the Democrat Clinton as what it was, an investigation, and that there was an admission that Comey actually did tell the President on three occasions that he was not under investigation were all somehow ignored by the corrupt California sleazeball. That big round orb sitting atop his neck is not only oversized but difficult for the truth to penetrate.

Schiff is asked, after exculpatory video clips are played for him from the hearings, if he considers there to be an obstruction of justice case here. He replies with the customary Democrat doublespeak dodge, saying, “You know I think there’s certainly evidence that was presented in this testimony that the President may have sought to interfere or obstruct the investigation.” Is that a crime, Shifty? Is it obstruction of justice in the case of a sitting President?

Many legal scholars and experts, including Alan Dershowitz, have stated that the President cannot be charged or convicted of obstruction of justice, citing the example of his ability to grant pardons, which is itself an act of the obstruction of the criminal process that is perfectly legal. There is no mention of an FBI or an FBI Director in the Constitution. The power for enforcing the laws written by Congress lies with the President. He has the right both to fire a subversive FBI Director and to determine whether or not a case will be prosecuted, constitutionally. There is no crime, but there is an abundance of sleazy politicians trying to subvert the will of the people and take by force what they couldn’t win at the ballot box.

The very fact that there is no comparison between this political hatchet job and the very real crimes of Hillary Clinton made with every interview is what is actually stunning, that they have all accepted that Clinton has gotten away with treason and who knows what else is nauseating. Schiff says “there can’t be a double standard and states the fact that others were asked to leave the room as somehow damning evidence that a crime occurred is idiocy. Schiff says it shows a consciousness that what he is doing is wrong? So every private conversation the President or anyone has, for that matter, is wrong by virtue of the fact there are no witnesses. Does Schiff never speak to his wife privately? Does he complete loan applications over a public address system? Should all matters of government be equally shared among officials? ISIS intelligence is shared with the Department of Education?

How about the fact that Clinton moved secret government documents to her home where there weren’t protections against her criminal espionage? Why is that no longer being discussed, particularly in light of Comey’s admissions that the was taking orders from Lynch, who was working with the Clinton campaign?

Trump needs to eliminate the double standard, reopen the investigation into Clinton and put the focus back on the real criminals in DC – the swamp creatures he promised to eliminate. Their games are intended to run out the clock and he’s playing into their hands.

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